This Week on TV: March 14-20

This week on TV… The Flash and Arrow finally returned, and both episodes were packed full of action, with lots of big reveals and surprises on Flash, and some serious decisions weighed on Arrow. On Once Upon a Time,  we saw the start of Regina and Maleficent’s friendship, while Rumplestiltskin got one step closer in his search for the Author. And Jane the Virgin showed the fallout of Rafael’s failed divorce while Agents of SHIELD gave us a taste of some real super-villains!

Once Upon a Time 4×15, “Enter the Dragon” (Brianna)

Make a dragon wanna retire, man.
Make a dragon wanna retire, man.

MALEFICENT BACKSTORY MALEFICENT BACKSTORY BE STILL MY FANGIRL HEART! After her curse on Briar Rose was undone by King Stefan, Mal lost her villain groove. Young queen Regina helped her get it back, allowing Maleficent to curse Princess Aurora (child of Stefan and Briar Rose) on her wedding day. In present Storybrooke, Emma’s concerned about Regina going undercover with the Queens of Darkness. The QoD enlist Regina to help them kidnap Pinocchio, meanwhile Killian/Hook encourages Belle to move the dagger. She entrusts it to his keeping, unaware it’s really Rumple in magical disguise. With dagger in hand, Rumple reveals himself to Regina and then ages Pinocchio back into August to interrogate him about The Author.

Jane the Virgin 1×16, “Chapter Sixteen” (Meg)

Jane the Virgin is that rare show that can walk the line of genre parody and humor while also being true to its characters and providing real tension that isn’t overblown. For several weeks, Jane and Rafael had been living a sort of fairytale romance with only occasional bickering, but the show has really followed through with the difficulties that followed Jane rejecting Rafael’s proposal. The two fought and couldn’t connect on any level when they did talk, which wasn’t often. But we still got to have a fun fantasy scene at the end where she and Rafael performed a choreographed salsa dance together, which was fun to watch even if it was clearly a daydream of Jane’s. Elsewhere, Jane joined a writers group (LOVE a girl who takes initiative!) so that she could continue to take advantage of the time she has to pursue her dreams before the baby comes. As a writer myself, I love how real the writers make Jane’s passion and that they don’t discredit her for mainly wanting to write romance. Also, Rafael and Petra have been getting along surprisingly well when it comes to running the hotel. Which is interesting….

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1×13, “One of Us” (Meg)

This week, Agents of SHIELD finally kicked into high gear and gave us some much-needed action scenes, legitimate villainy, and story progression. Skye’s father made a reappearance, after gathering a group of “gifted” individuals so that he could reconnect with his now-evolved daughter. We got to see another side of May with her ex’s arrival, the friendlier, happier, and non-agent side of her. And their rapport was so natural that I wish he wasn’t just in the one episode. Along with May, we got some really interesting developments of Jemma’s character in this episode. First of all, she and Fitz finally had a conversation that wasn’t incredibly painful (they had a fun, S1-esque discussion about May’s relationship with her ex-husband). Then, she started working more not only on ways to help Skye, but on helping Coulson deal with the SHIELD index of Gifted. While I really like Fitz’s character, I definitely felt like some of his screentime forced the writers to put Jemma on the backburner. So I’m glad that things are changing. Oh, and speaking of change, it turns out that Bobbi and Mack have been working for another organization also named SHIELD. So THAT’S unexpected!

The Flash 1×15, “Out of Time” (Megan)

The elder Mardon brother who is so minimally developed I can't remember his name. (Source)
The elder Mardon brother who is so minimally developed I can’t remember his name. (Source)

This week’s episode almost felt like it could have been a mid-season finale because of how action-packed it was (luckily it’s not!). Barry and Joe have to deal with the brother of the deceased Clyde Mardon, looking for revenge on Joe for killing his brother. Cisco and Caitlin, meanwhile, get caught up in investigating whatever secrets Dr. Wells is keeping from them. One big reveal (of many) was Barry and Iris, near the end of the episode, finally admitting that they both have feelings for each other (or in Barry’s case still has feelings for her). And there were a lot of other big reveals that made this a big episode, but I’m not going to list them all here. Needless to say, I’m very happy, and excited to see how all of this plays out.

Arrow 3×15, “The Offer” (Megan)

Honestly Nyssa could have her own spin-off and I would watch it. (Source)
Honestly Nyssa could have her own spin-off and I would watch it. (Source)

Oliver weighs the offer Ra’s made him at the end of the previous episode: the chance to become the next Ra’s al Ghul. As an offer of good faith, Ra’s allows Oliver, Diggle, and Merlyn to return to Starling City, and Oliver releases Nyssa (who had been re-caged by Laurel and Roy after Thea let her out). When Captain Lance refuses to keep helping the Arrow, Oliver seriously considers accepting the offer, but ultimately decides against it, only to have Maseo inform him that he never really had a choice. Felicity was only around briefly – long enough for Ollie to get jealous of her and Ray, and for her to help him save the day. Obviously I was a fan of this episode in large part because Nyssa was in it. Nyssa even offered to train Laurel at the end, so I’m excited to be seeing more of her.

What about you, Geekettes? What did you watch this week?

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