Dalin’s Simulcast Corner: Super Ridiculously Cute Merchandise Edition


This week on Simulcast Corner, I want to take a moment to reflect on some merchandise that you all need to see. I will say, ahead of time, I am sorry for your wallet, for now it will cry all the tears of anime kawaii purchases.


First up are these Sailor Moon themed cookie-shaped charms. Each charm represents the 5 Inner Senshi, along with Luna and Artemis, and the first two season compact brooches. (Source)


The set comes in the tin presented above, and is available for pre-order through Premium Bandai. The retail price 3,888 yen (about US$32).

Next up, for those Rozen Maiden fans, here is a stunning Made to Order figure of main doll Shinku. Even though I’m not into this franchise as much as I was back in the day, this figure is truly beautiful, and I’d even consider adding her to my collection…. if it didn’t cost 18,000 yen (about US$149).  Still let’s droll over her perfection. (Source)


For  those that like Hatsune Miku, here is a crazy adorable Mint Teddy Bear themed after the CGi Idol! Created by the beloved plush company Steiff, these little kumas retail for a hefty 39,000 yen (about US$322). But if you’re a Miku person, I’m sure you’ve spent more on that fandom. (Source)


And finally, the winner of the weirdest (yet cutest) new merchandise offering, goes to these ridiculous kawaii Evangelion stationary sets, featuring Sachiel and the other “weak” Angels. Never have donuts, macarons, and other sweets looked so deadly…. delicious? Yes, let’s go with that. Each set is currently on pre-order, and retailed at 1,785 yen ($14.67). (Source)


So which of these items tickled your spending senses? Gonna go snatch any of them up? What merchandise are you looking forward to coming out? Comment below and tell us your favorites!


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