This Week on TV: March 7 – 13

This week in TV, Maleficent is back from the dead on Once Upon a Time and she’s the key to Snow and Charming’s dark secret. Then, on Jane the Virgin, Jane makes an important decision about her future while on Agents of SHIELD, the entire team learns about Skye’s new superpowers.

OUAT unforgiven
Screencap source

Once Upon a Time 4×14 “Unforgiven” (Brianna)

Everyone in town is lying except Pinocchio. While trying to prevent their dark secret from coming out, Charming and Snow play right into the villains’ plans to resurrect Maleficent. They’ve got good reason to fear the witch/queen/dragon: the exact circumstances haven’t been revealed, but something Snow and Charming did to ensure Emma would be born with good magic resulted in Maleficent losing her own child. I’m a teensy bit grumpy about how they’ve retconned Maleficent, but I’m still happy she’s back. WHAT I’M EXTREMELY GRUMPY ABOUT IS THE SAILING-IN-FROM-NOWHERE SHIP THAT IS WILL SCARLET AND BELLE. I really loved the Wonderland spinoff, particularly for the WillxAnastasia ship and the writers have yet to address what happened to her. Belle and Will feels like a plot device relationship just to motivate Rumple. Cruella and Ursula continue to be a delight, and I love the fact that we have a cadre of female villains who are actually friends.

Jane the Virgin 1×15, “Chapter Fifteen” (Meg)

Gina Rodriguez being adorable as Jane.
Gina Rodriguez being adorable as Jane.

This week’s Jane the Virgin focused on the romantic futures of the two younger Villanueva women, Jane and Xiomara. After finding out that their baby is perfectly healthy (duh), Rafael decides to surprise Jane with an epic, sweeping proposal at a private reading of her favorite author. Jane spends the majority of the episode mulling over whether or not to accept his offer. She ends up turning him down because though Rafael knows her really well, she still wants them to at least take the time that they normally would have taken to decide to move forward together. Meanwhile, a pregnancy scare forces Xo and Rogelio to carefully consider how seriously they take their relationship status. And despite some honesty issues on Rogelio’s part, the two decided that they were ready to take the step of moving in together. I really appreciated the narrative slowing down a little bit to allow the characters to take stock of what’s happened in their lives recently. Part of this included a rekindling of the Jane/Michael friendship. I loved getting more of Jane and Michael’s backstory in flashbacks, which showed not only a nicer side to Michael but also made him seem more like a real character than like a multi-purpose plot device.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2×12, “Who You Really Are” (Meg)

Skye finally revealing herself as Quake.
Skye finally revealing herself as Quake.

WOW a lot went down in the most recent episode of Agents of SHIELD! This week saw the return of Jamie Alexander, reprising her role as Lady Sif from the Thor movies. While half of the episode was dedicated to her return and the procedural-ish mission she brought with her, the other half centered on Skye’s recent transformation and acquisition of superpowers. The team discovers that Sif has lost her memory while in pursuit of a Kree alien. Once they catch up with the Kree, he reveals that his purpose on Earth was to shut down what had once been a part of Kree experiments on human kind where certain people were turned into weapons. When Skye realizes that he was talking about people like her, the room starts shaking violently and her secret is exposed. And though the team was eventually able to convince both Sif and the Kree that they would be able to protect Skye and figure out a way to contain her, things seem ominous for Skye’s future arc. My favorite part of the episode, by far, was the scene near the end when May, in an attempt to protect Skye, works with her on focusing her energy and calming down. I’ve always liked the implication that May and Skye have a mother-daughter dynamic, so seeing that in action hit me in the feels.

The Flash (Megan)

Returns next week!

Arrow (Megan)

Returns next week!

Geekettes, what did you watch this week?


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