10 Diverse and Feminist Webcomics to Fill Your Weekend

Lately, thanks to some recommendations by Autostraddle’s “Drawn to Comics” column I’ve been reading some really great webcomics. Webcomics are the easiest way for me to read comics of any sort, because I don’t have the money to go out and buy comics, and I don’t have a library close enough to my house to read them for free. Plus webcomics are great because anyone can make them (who has the time and resources) so there’s a wider variety of content than you might find in things that need to be published by an actual company. What does this mean? There are lots of fabulous queer and diverse comics online! I’ve pulled together a list of some that I’ve found recently or not-so-recently for all of you to get lost in over the weekend (listed in no particular order).

Witchy by Ariel Ries

This was one I found from an Autostraddle recommendation. Set in a kingdom of witches where the length of your hair determines the strength of your power, it tells the story of one young witch, Nyneve, who hides the true length of her hair for fear of being deemed too powerful and thus an enemy of the kingdom, the way her father was. This comic is in progress and updates once a week.

Agents of the Realm by Mildred Louis

Another one I found from an Autostraddle recommendation! This one is a Magical Girl themed story about five young women who discover that they are guardians of both this world and a parallel dimension. This comic is in progress and updates three times a week. Please note that this comic has a content warning for domestic abuse and violence, alcoholism, eating disorders, and self harm, so read carefully.

Kyle & Atticus by Sfé M

Described by the author as “a (gender)queer comic about a kid named Kyle, and a robot named Atticus.” While this comic is both incomplete and no longer being updated, Kyle is such a touching character that I had to include this on the list. Highly recommend, especially if you’re looking for a quick read.


Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Nimona tells the story of a young shapeshifter who becomes the squire to Lord Ballister Blackheart, a super villain with a penchant for dragons. This is another quick read, because only the first three chapters are still available online. For a good reason though! Noelle’s comic is being published by HarperCollins, and is due to come out this May. I raced through the first three chapters and am definitely considering trying to get my hands on a library copy of the book when it comes out.

Robot Hugs by RH

This webcomic touches on lots of different topics, from gender, sexuality, and identity to mental health and cats. There are occasional NSFW comics (I accidentally discovered that while at work – not recommended). Updated twice a week, and more standalone than story-oriented.

Riot Nrrd by RJ Edwards

A story about nerdy queer friends of various genders as they head off to college and try to adjust to college life. Last updated March 2013, but that was strip 180, so there’s still a good amount for you to read, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s being updated anytime soon.

Art by Suzanne Geary. Doesnt this
Art by Suzanne Geary. Doesnt this look like the kind of party you’d want to attend? (Source)

Brainchild by Suzanne Geary

I’ve only read the prologue so far, but I am hooked on this: another story about college-aged queer folks, this time with some paranormal activity. Currently in Chapter 2 and updating once a week on Sundays, I’m excited to watch it unfold.

Rain by Jocelyn C.D.

Story-based comic about a trans girl named Rain starting her senior year at a new high school. This is one of the longer running ones on the list – currently on a short break as the writer recovers from surgery, but in general still being updated, and on Chapter 24!

What’s Normal Anyway? By Morgan Boecher

A comic about a trans man named Mel. And of course there’s a cat, which makes me like it even more. Touching and funny, this comic is now complete, so you can read it in its entirety and enjoy!

O Human Star by Blue Delliquanti

One of the more sci-fi comics on the list, this one has a lot of robots, and lots of queer characters, including some queer people of color. I’ve only read Chapter 1 and because it starts out with a big mystery (of sorts) I still don’t feel like I know exactly what’s going on – but I plan to keep reading anyways! Updates twice a week, usually on Monday and Thursday.

The Hark! A Vagrant book cover *Source)
The Hark! A Vagrant book cover (Source)

Bonus: Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton

Kate Beaton’s hysterical comic strips that covers a whole range of history and pop culture with excellent snark is a webcomic classic. On the off chance that any of our readers hadn’t already read any of it, I want to include it on this list. Mostly standalone strips, but many characters reappear over time, so reading them all is fun. And it’s a book too!

Okay Geekettes – now it’s your turn. What webcomics do you like?


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