A new look for Wonder Woman!

As summer’s heating-up, Wonder Woman, the perennial favorite Amazonian superhero, will be donning a radically new costume:



Controversy concerning the attire of women in comics has been roiling for years, and, suffice it to say, Wonder Woman is one of the first, widely-known, empowered lady crime-fighters whose has, historically, been drawn in some pretty scanty outfits (Although I will freely admit that I am a fan of most Wonder Woman costume variations, as outrageous, ridiculous or impractical as they tended to be).

Wonder Woman's first cover appearance. Source.
Wonder Woman’s first cover appearance. Source.

However, David Finch’s cover art for Wonder Woman #41 (via Hitfix) has our stalwart princess clad in what appears to be, with the exception of her head and hands, a full-coverage ensemble, complete with armored (Maybe? That’s what it looks like?) bodice and some sort of bladed gauntlets. No short shorts, no gravity-defying, strapless corset! Other than the head, her vital areas and organs are all covered!



The overall makeover is highly commendable,  although there are a question or two that I have:  Why the weird pennant loincloth? Is it supposed to emulate or be a throwback to Wonder Woman designs from days of yore?   Or is is a tip of the hat to traditional Greek garments or gladiators? Plus, the solid-looking band of metal about her hips looks inflexible and uncomfortable.

Wonder Woman #41, written by Meredith Finch will be available for purchase June 17th.

What do you think of Wonder Woman’s new look? Can’t wait to cosplay it? Think it strays too far from her original costume concept? Let us know all about it in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “A new look for Wonder Woman!

    1. I think with her impressive mane of hair, there is definitely a lot going-on up there. Realistically, ya gotta tie that back.

      Maybe the pauldrons (shoulder armor) could stay IF they gave her an awesome gladiatorial-style helmet, or something?

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