This Week on TV: February 28-March 6

This week on TV… Arrow joined The Flash in its short hiatus. Both of them will be back the week of St. Patrick’s Day (March 17). Once Upon a Time returned from its hiatus with Rumplestilstkin and the Queens of Darkness making their way to Storybrooke. Agents of SHIELD also returned from its long winter hiatus with our first look into the world of Inhumans.

Once Upon a Time 4×13, “Darkness of the Edge of Town” (Brianna)


Six weeks after the events of 4×12, Emma and company are no closer to finding The Author. Belle finds a way to free the fairies from the Sorcerer’s Hat, but it’s all part of Rumplestilstkin’s plan to get back into Storybrooke. The Hat also releases Chernabog from Bald Mountain, and it’s Ursula and Cruella who offer valuable intel on how to beat him. In exchange, they gain entrance to Storybrooke, which they then secretly share with Rumple. While I don’t necessarily love their costumes, I am really digging the Queens of Darkness storyline. Especially since Snow and Charming have a past with them that they don’t want anyone to know about.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2×11, “Aftershocks” (Meg)

Chloe Bennet acting her heart out in 2x11.
Chloe Bennet acting her heart out in 2×11.

IT’S BACK! As much as I enjoyed Agent Carter’s eight-week run, last night’s episode proved just how much (both joy and pain) my life was missing in Agents of SHIELD’s absence. A post-earthquake rattled Skye is stuck in quarantine as the team runs tests on her to ensure that whatever killed Trip and changed Raina didn’t affect Skye. With everyone still reeling from the loss of Trip, tempers were running rampant among newer members of the team like Hunter and Mack. In the midst of one of the larger arguments everything in Skye’s unit begins to shake violently, leading her to believe that she’s the one who caused it, a fact Fitz confirms at the episode’s conclusion. Fitz and Skye’s final conversation provided one of the most emotional moments of the series to date, and if it’s any indicator of the type of character-driven plot development we’re in for, the rest of the season will surely match the quality of the end of S1. Some of the expository writing was clunky (a common fault of AoS), and as usual the show falls short of what should be standard quotas of representation, particularly where POC representation is concerned. Raina’s face is now covered with pale prosthetics and Trip’s death proved to be little more than a catalyst for character development for the rest of the predominantly white cast. 


Geekettes, what did you watch this week? Tell us about it in the comments!


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