Emergency Cosplay Kit

This week is around the time last year I posted my Life Hacks article. You can read that fabulous article by clicking here. However, this got me thinking that convention season is fast approaching and we all need an emergency kit. This week, we will be going over what you will need in your emergency kit. For organization’s sake, I will be breaking things down into three categories.Please note: This can also apply to real life, not just cons.

  Category One: Hair

 Why yes, readers, I had to start off with hair things! This seemed like the obvious choice to start: the top.

~Bobby Pins/Hair Pins: It is always smart to carry a small container of bobby pins with you. You never know when one is needed! A friend’s wig could be in need of more securing, your hair may decide to go rogue, or you may just need to pick a lock (totally kidding on this last scenario). Any way you may spin it, bobby pins and hair pins have their uses.

~Small Hair Elastics:  These are useful not only for hair purposes, but they are great for quick clothing adjustments. Just make sure you hide the ties! You can also combine two bobby pins and one of these bad boys to make a bigger hair tie (the bungee cord hair ties). Keep these in a small container, such as a Tic Tac container (thanks BuzzFeed!), for convenience.

~Travel Size Hairspray:  Keep that hair and those flyaways in place after a couple hours of con going with this mini miracle. Cons get warm and yucky. After a while, you start feeling it. Touch up your hair with a little hairspray to give you a few more hours in costume. It can also be used as a last resort makeup setting spray…just don’t inhale those fumes…

~A Comb:  I feel like this is self explanatory…

Category Two: Makeup

~Extra Makeup: This happens to be a very vague listing. Probably the most vague I will put in this article. However, bring extra of the most prominent part of your makeup. Example: if you happen to be brave enough to paint your whole body, bring extra of the paint for touch ups. There is NO NEED to bring your entire makeup kit with you. Too much. Bring the essentials.

~Oil Absorbing Sheets: These nifty things are an absolute miracle for life in general. They suck up the excess oil on your face, without disturbing makeup. You can not over use these things, because they are just sheets of paper that like oily faces. Many makeup brands make them, so they are easy to find.

~Makeup Removing Wipes: At the end of the con, I just want to get my makeup off. It’s always contact lenses first, makeup next. Many companies make makeup removing wipes, and they are GREAT for quick removal. Travel sizes are also available. Another thing you can get is a microfiber towel. Wet it with plain old water and it will take off the most stubborn makeup. I got a pack of three at Walmart for $3. You hand wash them and let them air dry. Super cost effective and better for the environment. I personally love mine.

Category Three: Costume

~Travel Sewing Kit:  This is another no brainer. Accidents happen! Costumes rip. Just relax, take a breath, and run to the bathroom!  Bring along the thread color you need and a few needles with you. Stitch that baby up and get back out there! These can be purchased or stolen from your local hotel room.

~Comfortable Shoes:  This one comes with a funny story. The first time I went to a convention as Harley, I stupidly wore heels. They were not very comfy, but my combat boots had just died so I was in need of cool looking shoes. Within an hour of walking around, I was dying from the pain. Long story short, I found a store that sold travel flats. Either wear comfortable shoes or bring a spare pair of them. Your feet will thank you.

Category Four: Miscellaneous/Life

~Duct Tape/Electrical Tape:  “Why?” you may ask. Duct tape fixes everything! It is a fact of life! You have a busted window? Duct tape. Need a new dress? Duct tape. Shoe broke? Duct tape! Just, trust the Mythbusters on this. Keep it around. As for electrical tape? It goes on skin very easily and comes off less painfully.

~Mini First Aid Kit: Just in case you, or anyone gets injured, have Band-Aids, Tylenol (or whatever brand you prefer), and Tums. You will thank me for this.

~Deodorant:  Smell well, my friends. Smell well. I carry an extra around for a refresher when I need it. It is also AMAZING for preventing any chaffing (fun fact).

~A Victorian Fan:  Why this? Cons get hot! So this one isn’t AS necessary as the rest of this list, but it is useful to have during those summer cons when it gets super hot. No, it does not have to be Victorian.

~Food and Water: This trick I learned from Kayla Farber. Bring your own food to the convention! Not only does this save you money, but you control what you put in your body. Make sure you have foods and snacks with protein and sugar in it to keep you going. The water happens to be a no brainer. Bring a refillable canteen with you and fill up at any water fountain.


For conventions, I usually bring a backpack. It will hold a good chunk of my swag and all the things I need. My general rule of thumb when organizing, though, is keep things together that belong together. Hair and makeup things go together in one bag (two separate if it the bag is not big enough to hold EVERYTHING), and the sewing kit can go in with the life things because, you should always have a sewing kit with you in general

I hope this helps make your con experience a little less stressful. Post in the comments below your favorite thing to bring with you to conventions!

If you have any suggestions for a Geekup look, comment on any of the articles,


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