My Pop Stars on Broadway Dream List

imageSince Lady Gaga blew everyone away on Sunday at the Oscars, it got me thinking about how many celebrities have been train wrecks on stage, while I would kill to see others. Lady Gaga, a Juliard graduate, did not surprise me at all with her stunning performance.

Here’s a list of some other crazy good singers I would like to see sing their hearts out on the stage, and the roles I’d like to see them in: 

Anna Kendrick as Sally Bowles in Cabaret

I know this is kind of cheating, but she hasn’t been on Broadway since she was a kid, and “Cups” was on the Billboard charts, so it totally counts. By now, everyone should know Kendrick has the pipes and the acting chops to play most alto roles. I think Sally Bowles is an especially challenging role that Kendrick would shine in.

Ed Sheeran as Guy in Once

imageSheeran can sing, play guitar, and can most likely put on an Irish accent. His songs prove that he can not only sing, but show all different emotions through his music. If there is ever a revival of Once, he’d be perfect for Guy.

Taylor Swift as Ado Annie in Oklahoma

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift has a great voice and she knows drama. She can also do a southern accent, or used to have one. Either way, she used to sing with one. Ado Annie would be the perfect role for T. Swift, because like the pop singer, Ado Annie loves the boys! I can totally picture Taylor Swift singing “I’m Just a Girl Who Caint Say No” and being completely convincing.

Nick Jonas as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch

More like Tommy Gnosis. This was a joke. Move on now.

Amanda Palmer as Gypsy Rose Lee in Gypsy

imageI could have easily made the argument that AFP should play Sally Bowles again, but I think she is capable of much more than that. Vocally, Amanda Palmer could belt some of the most iconic songs in all of musical theater. I also think her voice is unusual enough that it would be impossible to compare her to her predecessors. Palmer’s theatricality would make her the perfect candidate to play a child actor turned burlesque dancer.

Bruno Mars as Marius in Les Miserables 

Bruno Mars is adorable and has an outstanding voice. His smile alone could get him halfway to fitting the iconic love struck puppy, and his pipes would definitely get him the rest of the way. There’s a video of Bruno Mars as a child impersonating Elvis, and he is spot on, showing that he could definitely act the part too.

Carrie Underwood as Maria in The Sound of Music

Also a joke.


There you have it, my Broadway dream cast of pop stars. Are there any other singers you’d like to see on the stage? Let me know in the comments!



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