And the Actor Goes To…: The 87th Academy Awards Coverage

Welcome to the coverage regarding Hollywood’s best and whitest I MEAN BRIGHTEST – yes I swiped that joke from the opening number, it was just too good not to. But anyway, on with the show!

Okay that was a fantastic opening. I don’t even remember what Ellen did last year, Neil’s opening blew me away that much. Also, much love to Anna Kendrick and any opening number that gives shout-outs to Clue and The Goonies.

YAAAY J.K. Simmons wins Best Supporting Actor for Whiplash. And he made his acceptance speech about his family and reminding everyone to call their moms and/or dads. ;___;

Curious how this Neil’s Oscar Predictions gag is going to run…..

Achievement in Costume Design goes to Milena Canonero for The Grand Budapest Hotel!

Only three nominees for Makeup and Hairstyling? Well, congrats to Grand Budapest again. I was kinda rooting for Guardians of the Galaxy, but hey.

I always feel so uncultured when I have no idea about any of the Foreign Film nominees. But congrats to Ida!

I don’t really know why Marion Cotillard was the best choice to introduce the “Everything is Awesome” performance. But it was entertaining. I about died with the Batman solo.

Is there a secret competition about who can talk through the “Play-Off” music longer?

Fashion Commentary:  almost every dude in a tux looks the same to me. But Eddie Redmayne and David Oyelowo really work it.

VIOLA DAVIS LOOKIN’ STUNNING AS EVER. But she’s just there to introduce a segment about another award show?  Where can I watch the Governors Awards? Harry Belafonte gave the best flippin’ speech:  “Artists are the radical voice of civilization. Each and everyone of you […] can influence citizens everywhere in the world to see the better side of who and what we are as a species.”

Meanwhile…..even though it’s a Birdman reference, it plays more like a commentary about the objectification of people at the Oscars.

Awwwright, another win for Whiplash! For Sound Mixing.

…Woo. ‘Murican Sniper won Sound Editing.

NPH is just rockin’ the puns tonight: “And now the Pe(e)ta who won’t throw paint at you…”

I’m paying way more attention to the fact that Chloe Grace Moretz has pockets in her dress than Interstellar winning Special Effects.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role Nominees: 4 Women plus, in accordance with California State Law, Meryl Streep. And guess who won? PATRICIA ARQUETTE for Boyhood – SURPRISE.

“To every woman who gave birth, to ever tax-payer and citizen of this nation….we have fought for everybody else’s civil rights. It’s our time  to have wage equality and equal rights for women in the United States of America.” ~Patricia Arquette


YES “FEAST” WON BEST ANIMATED SHORT FILM! …It was the only one I saw, okay? Congrats Patrick Osborne and Christina Reed!

Even though I was kind of rooting for How to Train Your Dragon 2, it’s nice to see how happy the Best Animated Film winners are for Big Hero 6.

What’s Grand Budapest up to now? 3 Oscars?

DAMN RIGHT “GLORY” GETS A STANDING OVATION. Oh my gosh, Chris Pine AND David Oyelowo were crying!

Aww, look at Idina Menzel and John Travolta burying the hatchet. AND YES, “GLORY” WINS.

Selma is now. Because the struggle for justice is right now…we know that right now the struggle for freedom and justice is real…there are more black men under incarceration today then there were slaves.” ~John Legend

I knew Lady Gaga was doing a movie tribute performance, but OH MY GOD, MY HEART. Her medley for The Sound of Music was gorgeous and I thought I might cry….and then Julie Andrews hugged her and I KNEW I would. It was so beautiful, you could tell how much the music meant to her and she really wanted to do well. I wouldn’t be surprised if she asked Julie Andrews if she did okay when they hugged.



I thought Rosamund Pike had it in the bag, but Julianne Moore gets Lead Actress for Still Alice. Interesting that she and Redmayne both won tonight and they were in a film a few years back about – oh. Neil Patrick Harris’s joke about them having big “O”s suddenly makes sense. >___>

And lastly, Best Picture goes to Birdman!

Birdman win

For the full list of Oscar noms and wins, go here.

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