This Week on TV: Feb 14-20

This week on TV…. On Sleepy Hollow Katrina Crane’s alliance with her son leads to tragic consequences, while Bruce Wayne politely threatening the Wayne Enterprises execs with legal action takes a backseat to the possible introduction of The Joker on Gotham. Monday night television also brought us the best episode of Jane the Virgin since October. The Flash finished up its F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. arc, and Arrow showed a serious amount of flashbacks. And on ABC, Marvel’s Agent Carter delivered one hell of a penultimate episode.

Jane the Virgin 1×14, “Chapter Fourteen” (Meg)

A sweet moment between Jane and Rafael.
A sweet moment between Jane and Rafael.

“Revelations” was the big theme of this week’s installment of Jane the Virgin. Michael revealed Rose’s secret identity as Sin Rostro to Luisa, who likewise discovered and then revealed Rose’s murder (and disposal) of Emilio to everyone else. On the relationship front, the episode concluded with the couples Rogelio/Xo and Rafael/Jane making new commitments to each other. Rogelio decided to stay in Miami (rather than moving to Mexico in order to further his career) to pursue his relationship with Xo…which landed the two in bed together after a few episodes of abstaining. Jane and Rafael dealt with trust issues (based on the fact that, you know, they’ve only known each other for a few months) for much of the episode before finally deciding to move in together. Chapter Fourteen was easily my favorite episode since the first three-or-four of the show. I loved the return to the over-the-top, telenovela-style storytelling that the show had taken a slight break from, both plot-wise and stylistically. I laughed out loud multiple times, but I was also touched by moments between many of the characters’ relationships, not just the ones within Jane’s family. This week’s MVP? Rafael’s sister Luisa, who both made me crack up constantly while tugging on my heartstrings.

Gotham 1×16, “The Blind Fortune Teller” (Brianna)

James Monroe Iglehart from Broadway's Aladdin makes a cameo as the ringmaster while Leslie and Jim meet Jerome (the future Joker?).
James Monroe Iglehart from Broadway’s Aladdin makes a cameo as the ringmaster while Leslie and Jim meet Jerome (the future Joker?).

Lots of geeking out this episode! Jim took Leslie Thompkins to the circus for a date, which  turned into a criminal investigation when a snake charmer’s found dead. Leslie’s a bit too enthusiastic about some of the macabre elements, so Jim might be questioning his new relationship soon. Honestly, I’m loving Leslie way more than Barbara as a female lead – can she please stay and call out Jim on his masculine hypocrisy? Meanwhile, Jim’s not-quite-ex Barbara returns to Gotham and finds Selina and Ivy squatting in her place. Penguin’s new club is failing, and Falcone sends him some help: Butch Gilzean. Once the trusted right hand man of Fish, he’s apparently been brainwashed by Victor Zsasz. *Sob* I wanted Butch to be alive, but not like this! Oh, also, Bruce Wayne put on his big boy pants and spoke to the chairboard of Wayne Enterprises. That’s definitely gonna have consequences.

The introduction of creepy circus teen Jerome most likely breaks my “What if Butch becomes the Joker” theory. Even though he’s not doing the reputation of red-headed boys any favors, Cameron Monaghan was OUTSTANDING as a potential young!Joker. I say potential because they’ve been teasing the appearance of the Joker for some time, and explicit answers about him are being avoided. Still, the hysterical laugh and his angular features are extremely suggestive, and next week’s episode involves The Red Hood. It should be noted that if Jerome does in fact become the Joker, he comes from the same circus of the Flying Graysons – i.e. Dick Grayson, the first Robin? Lastly, Fish Mooney wastes no time as the new underground leader. She rallies her fellow captives to stand up to the mysterious establishment that’s using them as living organ donors. Jada Pinkett Smith continues to be a treasure on this show and they better not kill off her character for the sake of someone else’s arc (*cough* PENGUIN).

Sleepy Hollow 2×17,  “Awakening” (Brianna)

"YOU are the cause of all my sorrow, Ichabod Crane!"
“YOU are the cause of all my sorrow, Ichabod Crane!”

Katrina reunites with Henry, who’s got a plan to awaken potential witches in Sleepy Hollow and form a new coven with his mother. Abbie and Ichabod have to stop Katrina and Henry from using a special Liberty bell look-a-like in their Awakening Ritual, leaving Jenny to face down a soulless Frank Irving. Team Witness interrupt the ritual by shooting Henry: with his death, Irving is freed and Katrina is PISSED. She enacts the traveler spell mentioned in “Spellcaster”, accidentally taking Abbie back with her in time to 1781.

After a whole season of the fandom defecating on her character, Katia Winter’s finally got  a worthwhile motivation for Katrina. My concern of course is that now that she’s dealing in darker magics, it opens the door for her to get killed off. I’m all for the SH writers trying to rectify the poor choices they made this season, but I think this one will come back to bite them. And even though I totally saw it coming, I loved the parallel of Abbie’s first clue that she’s out of time: nearly getting run over by a horse and carriage. It’s a great callback to the pilot where Ichabod nearly got hit by a tractor-trailer, right down to an instrumental version of “Sympathy for the Devil”. Fingers crossed that next week we see Abbie cross paths with her ancestor Grace Dixon.

The Flash 1×14, “Fallout” (Megan)

Ronnie and Caitlin reunited (Source)
Ronnie and Caitlin reunited (Source)

Part two of the major Firestorm arc with Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Martin Stein had the aftermath of last week’s experiment temporarily separate Ronnie and Stein. Dr. Wells betrays Stein and hands him over to General Eiling, but when it becomes clear that Ronnie and Stein cannot stay separate, the team goes in and rescues him. Caitlin spends most of the episode excited to have Ronnie returned to her, and then sad to lose him again, although she tells Cisco it’s not as bad as before because she’s not heartbroken. Iris makes an agreement with a coworker to help him investigate S.T.A.R. Labs, which we can be sure will have consequences soon. Despite everything that happened within the episode, it still felt like there was a lot of setup happening for future episodes – the subplot with Iris, and the closing scene with Dr. Wells, General Eiling, and Grodd. This episode was fun, but I’m also curious how some of these subplots will play out.

Agent Carter 1×07, “SNAFU” (Meg)

Peggy's look screams "Just TRY to come and get me."
Peggy’s look screams “Just TRY to come and get me.”

Last week I thought there was no way that Agent Carter could get more intense AND THEN IT DID. “SNAFU” acted as a bottle episode in many ways, taking place almost entirely within the offices of the SSR and centered on the agents’ investigation of Peggy’s involvement with Howard Stark’s alleged criminality. Before Peggy caves and gives into her co-workers’ interrogation of her, Jarvis arrives with a signed(/forged) confession from Howard Stark(/Jarvis) of all crimes of which he was accused. While the agents discuss the possibility of accepting the confession in exchange for Peggy’s release, Peggy and Jarvis notice that the Russian supposedly aiding the SSR in communication with Dottie. In an effort to convince them of the danger they’re in, Peggy decides to tell them the full story, including the part about concealing Steve Rodger’s blood. Her reason? “I suppose I just wanted a second chance of keeping him safe,” She says. Cue waterworks. However, despite Peggy’s best efforts, the episode ends with the Chief’s death and a successful mass-murder attempt at a movie theater, both being the results of Leviathan’s efforts. (Best moment of the episode? Peggy and Jarvis breaking through the two-way mirror of the interrogation room with a table before realizing that they were still attached two a table…God I’m going to miss those two when this show ends)

Arrow 3×14, “The Return” (Megan)

Thea fighting Slade (Source)
Thea fighting Slade (Source)

This week’s episode was a strange mix of flashback to Ollie’s A.R.G.U.S. mission in Starling City while everyone still thought he was dead, and present-day Ollie and Thea training on Lian Yu. Malcolm Merlyn sets Slade Wilson free on the island with them as a test, and Ollie and Thea both refuse to kill him, though Thea does injure him well enough they can get him back in his cell. It didn’t feel like much of anything happened in this episode, honestly, other than filling in a little more backstory, and affirming Thea’s hatred of her father. Next week’s episode is titled “Nanda Parbat” and will hopefully feel a little more exciting.

Geekettes – what did you watch this week? What did you think of these episodes?


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