Hedwig and the Angry Inch Inspired Makeup

This is a very exciting article for me to write. On March 6th I will be crossing off a major Bucket List item by seeing John Cameron Mitchell perform in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway. To mark the occasion, I am bringing you all the makeup I will be wearing for the show (outfit is still to be determined). This look is heavily inspired, and by no means a faithful recreation of Hedwig’s signature makeup. However, the techniques used to create Ms. Hedwig’s look are the same I used here.  Are you ready for the epicness?

I knew going into this look I was going to put a Harley twist on it. With this in mind, the eyeshadow color you use is up to you. For a more accurate representation, whip out that blue eyeshadow and the mother load of glitter.

The list of things you will need:

~The Usual Suspects (Primers, Black Eyeliner, Mascara, Foundation, Setting Powder, Brows, Concealer)
~Red, Black, and Skin Tone eyeshadow (For THIS look. For Hedwig’s, grab Blue, White, and Blue Glitter, while keeping the Black in your arsenal)
~Highlight and Contour Shades
~Red Lipstick
~Glitter of some sort

I started off this look with my eye makeup. I primed my lids, top and bottom, with Urban Decay Primer Potion. Since filming, I actually LOVE Lime Crime’s Eyeshadow Helper. My eyeshadow doesn’t move, even after an hour at the gym. Start off by drawing a line along your crease with a black eye pencil. This is your cut crease line. Blend out that line. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Place the red eyeshadow on the inner part of that line, stopping about halfway. Keep building that intensity as you blend out that black line. When you have your desired effect (or you got angry with the black line like me), move on to the black.

Pack on the black eyeshadow from the midpoint of the line to the outer corner. Blend and build up the intensity as you go. Sweep the black into the bottom of the red, along that black line. Once you are happy with the color payoff and the overall shape, take a white shadow primer (I’m using the NYX potted shadow primer) and a concealer brush, and cover the negative lid space. Blend it out with your finger. Pack on a skin toned eyeshadow. Give that brow bone some love with that same shadow then fix any of the color payoff that was lost.

wpid-20150209_180247.jpgCreate a very dramatic wing for your eyeliner. The thicker, the better. Get it as perfect as you can. Tightline your eyes while you are at it. Smudge some black liner on your bottom lashes and connect it to the top. Add some glitter eyeliner over the wing and the the bottom lash line for the glitter pop. I suggest doing this BEFORE mascara…not like me, who did it after. Add as many coats of mascara as you can. Since I am using my Holy Grail, my Younique 3D Fiber, ten coats of fiber and transplanting gel was enough to give me the false lash effect. If you need to, add falsies!

Apply your face primer and foundation as normal. Conceal all acne blemishes, scars, dark circles etc. Powder everything into place. Take a shade that is a few shades darker than your skin (or a taupe shadow like me) and hollow out your face. Contour your cheeks, temples, jawline, and sides of the nose. I usually make harsh lines to map out my contour, then blend everything out with a fluffier brush. Add some of the contour shade to the fluffy brush if the color is not blending well. Lightly pat the same red on the cheeks as blush. It ties everything together. Using a shimmery white color, highlight where the sun would. This means the tops of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, the Cupid’s bow, top to the chin, and a little on the forehead. I also popped some on the browbone and inner corners for a little more pop.

Line your lips with black eyeliner and color in the corners. Blend it slightly with your finger. Apply a red lipstick to the entire lip. If you like the payoff, you are done. I, however, wanted more contrast. I patted some black eyeshadow on the corners of the lips and patted some of my highlight shade in the middle.wpid-20150209_180254.jpg

You are now ready to take on the day. Grab your wig off the shelf and have a ball.

If there is anything YOU want to see me tackle, leave your suggestions in the comments on any Geekup article.

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