Theater Thursday: Prepping for Broadway Spring 2015 Season

For this week’s Theater Thursday, we get to take a look at the epic Spring 2015 season. From new productions to revivals, along with interesting casting choices, there is a ton to talk about in the world of Broadway. Are you and your wallet ready for all this theatrical insanity? You’d better be, because this is shaping up to be one memorable year on the Great White Way!

Lincoln Center’s The King and I

As many of you may remember, I’m a bit of a King and I nerd. When I heard Lincoln Center was finally reviving my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein show, with two of my favorite talents in all the world, I was in complete fangirly shock. And from the looks of this new TV spot, all my dreams are really coming true. Kelli O’Hara is stunning in her “Anna Goes to the Ball” get up, and Ken is looking dashing as the King. These two definitely seem to have the right chemistry here, and hopefully this spark will continue when the production opens April 12th.

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland is one of those shows that is kind of a mixed bag. I didn’t get to see any of the pre-Broadway incarnations, but considering that many said it was successful, I’m assuming this could be one of the bigger hits of the season. And with the scary producing talents of Harvey Weinstein behind the show, we sure know it’s gonna get a heck of a lot of advertising between now and Tony time. Personally, I’m a bit disappointed in the cast, with the exception of the immortal Carolee Carmello (who can do no wrong, ever, in my book). Matthew Morrison has never been a favorite of mine, and Kelsey Grammer can be a hit or miss type of actor. But maybe my mind will change, once April 15th rolls around.

It Shoulda Been You

I’m gonna come right out and say it: I’m a sucker for Sierra Boggess. I swear, put this woman in anything and I will drop all my money and see it. She has a very charming, warm and magical quality to her voice, one that makes her part Disney Princess (Duh, she played Ariel) and part sassy 40’s leading lady. So when hearing about the simple yet fascinating It Shoulda Been You, let’s just say my ears perked up. And knowing Sierra is going to be in a production with Tyne Daly and David Burtka?  And did I mention it’s being directed by David Hyde Pierce? Yep, I’m sold. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta pick out my best dress before April 14th comes along!

An American in Paris

Spring 2015, stop knowing all my favorite things! Debuting the stage incarnation of An American in Paris the same time as a multitude of many other amazing productions, my heart (and wallet) can’t take it! With the magic of the Gershwins and the influence of the great Gene Kelly, its hard to not smile at the thought of this classic coming to Broadway. With some footage of its pre-Broadway try out in France, lets just say I’m a little bit excited for this show to open April 12th!

Fun Home

Last year, a little show called Fun Home stole the hearts of a few (or many, depending on your view of things) that saw it Off-Broadway. Now, moving to a much bigger, and “funner” estate, this graphic novel-turned-musical could be the dark horse in the upcoming Tony Awards season. It took home many Drama Desk awards, and got a rave review from the Times. But in a season (as you can see) with many, many new shows (that’ll have a lot of producers buying their nominations left and right), really great and different musicals like Fun Home might be left to the cult theater geeks and critics to celebrate, with no awards to show. I’m also a bit nervous with the subject matter, if it can succeed, especially in a location as mixed as the Circle in the Square Theatre. But time will tell, once the show opens April 19th.

Hand to God

Hey, did you like Avenue Q? Guess what!? This season has a new show with puppets too! Hand to God is not a musical though, and is actually about a subject matter that some might find controversial. But I love a good slightly spooky time at the theater, and since Book of Mormon is still playing, I can’t help but think this play, about a satanic possessed puppet, could be a hit. But will the tourist-driven Broadway system be able to keep this inventive production alive? We’ll find out April 7th!

Doctor Zhivago

Ah, Doctor Zhivago. This show has taken years to get to Broadway, playing originally in Australia and other countries for a few try outs. And the original cast had Anthony Warlow involved…which this US version does not (#fail). I’ll be honest in that this is one of my least favorite stories to ever exist, as I’m not one for big war time romances, but I’m sure it has its fans (or will, in the future). But will this be another big theatrical flop? Or will this be the surprise hit of the season? Curious minds are indeed curious. Doctor Zhivago will begin telling its tragic romance April 21st.


Remember how a while back I made a dream cast post for the revival of Gigi? Unfortunately, none of those casting choices came true…. but, many other talents I love were chosen, so not a total loss. Granted, Vanessa Hudgens has a long way to go before I call her a true talent in my book, but with Corey Cott, Victoria Clark, and Howard McGillin, this production has a lot going for it. And with Eric Schaeffer in the directing chair, all I can say is “thank heaven” I’m finally gonna get to see this on Broadway!

And that is just a few of the shows coming to Broadway this season. Which are you planning to see? Which look like the biggest flops, or the best of successes? Comment below with your thoughts and fandom screams of excitement!

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