Trees From Outer Space Are Rude

imageWarren Ellis and Jason Howard are writing a series called Trees, and having just finished Volume 1 in graphic novel form, it was not at all what I would have expected.

In this version of our world, aliens have invaded, but they give no fracks about us tiny humans. These Trees are giant metal looking structures that have rooted themselves into the earth. Ten years after they showed up, they still have not acknowledged humanity, and the reactions all over the world vary from awesome to dangerous to scientific, in the most fascinating ways.

What’s most interesting about this book is the human experience. Yes, I want to know more about the Trees, but man versus man conflict is what really drives this story. Trees features several groups of people from all around the world including China, Italy, America, and some places I had never previously heard of. There’s a group of scientists doing experiments at the base of a Tree, and their dynamic is heightened because of the seclusion.

imageMy favorite storyline follows a young Chinese man who decides to move to an experimental living community directly surrounding a Tree. When he gets there, he discovers a scene very similar to that of San Francisco during the summer of 1969. In this very liberal artistic community, sexual freedom becomes blatant. The way that trans characters are presented in this community is awesome. More books should include conversations like the one pictured right.

There was one storyline that was brought up but not fleshed out, so it felt kind of random. I’m sure it will be brought up in future storylines, but it just didn’t fit with all the other really interesting stories.

This is definitely a series I want to continue. There is so much about this future world I still need to know. I highly recommend this series to people who are looking for thought-provoking graphic novels. I warn you though, this book is a little ruthless. Characters you grow to like die. Abruptly.


Trees Volume 1 comes out on February 24th. You can get a copy here.


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