The Ship I love to Read: My Fan Fiction Guilty Pleasure

I have to admit that I’m a victim of cannon couples. I tend to only like couples that are cannon, have been cannon, or are cannon endgame. However, there is an exception to this. There is one ship that I will read fan fiction about. One ship that is not cannon, and while it has mixed feelings, I read one fan fiction and nothing would ever be the same.
These fan fictions I read are… Dramione fan fictions. If you aren’t familiar with ship names or with Harry Potter, Dramione is Draco and Hermione’s ship name. I want to preface this by saying I still ship Ron and Hermione. I read Ron and Hermione fan fiction as well. I just find a very interesting story when it comes to Draco and Hermione.

The fics that I like are the ones that understand that Draco is a deeper character than people believe. Of course if he didn’t have his father in the picture he might have been an all around better human being, but you can’t blame someone for the brainwashing of their parents, it’s what they do with their own lives that matter. Draco showed in the last book and in the Epilogue that maybe he was not as bad as people believed and didn’t truly believe the prejudices he preached. If anything, Hermione being a muggleborn and finding a way to get to him would be not only believable but an endearing story.
I will admit that I understand the disdain with this particular couple, after all Draco was a bully and only redeemed himself just barely (and even that is up for debate). I however find beauty in the stories of characters being redeemed and seeing the errors of their ways. Lets face it, if there’s anyone awesome enough to make Draco a good person, it’s Hermione Granger.
Fics I’m personally a fan of are ones with an established relationship between the two. I also enjoy ones where they get put in an awkward situation and work through the awkwardness to *heart eyes* fall in love.
If you aren’t a fan of this ship and you’re just looking for a laugh I would suggest the fix Hermione Cut Herself by SauvignonFierce. If you do like the ship read it. Basically read it, it’s short and hilarious.
A cute one from outside perspectives is called Five Galleons Says She Wins by Hafthand. Cute and funny. Very simple.
Lastly if you want to read a short fix of them in the midst of their relationship, cute and gives a good understand of the couples apeal, I suggest A Secret Relationship by ultrabookworm.
You can find all of these fan fictions on If you haven’t thought to give Dramione a chance, take a look. You never know, you could enjoy it.


8 thoughts on “The Ship I love to Read: My Fan Fiction Guilty Pleasure

    1. I love the marvel movies, however I’m not a huge fan of reading comics. I usually ship canonically when it comes to those although I do find interest in Bucky and Black Widow which I’ve heard is in the comics

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