This Week on TV: February 7-13

This week started the bigger Ronnie Raymond arc on The Flash and finally revealed Oliver’s true identity to one of the few remaining characters who didn’t know he was the Arrow. On Sleepy Hollow we peep Frank’s unlikely alliance with Henry and how he may not be the only one joining the dark side. This week also brought us a rather serious Jane the Virgin and the most action-packed Agent Carter yet! Read our spoiler-filled thoughts below!

Sleepy Hollow 2×16, “What Lies Beneath” (Brianna)


When three tunnel surveyors disappear, it leads Abbie and Ichabod to an underground chamber called the Fenestella built by Thomas Jefferson. We get a Founding Father that Ichabod wasn’t BFFs with, and a potential love interest for Abbie in Calvin Riggs (Sharif Atkins), a journalist who knows Sleepy Hollow is more than it seems. Meanwhile, Frank Irving enlists Jenny’s help to break into the police evidence locker. Turns out he’s suffering from a supernatural identity disorder – the “evil” him who works for Henry is slowly taking over, and Frank wants to make sure his wife and daughter will be financially secure and far away from Sleepy Hollow. Underground, Abbie and Ichabod find the Fenestella inhabited by cannibalistic guards and a hologram of ol’ T.J. himself. How did they manage not to ask a single Sally Hemmings-related question?

The Witnesses are forced to choose between saving a few innocent lives or preserving the information in the chamber which will assist them in their mission. Obviously they save the day. Meanwhile, it looks like Henry is contacting Katrina for some “Evil Mommy and Me” Magic Time. I was kind of disappointed by the episode for some of the narrative choices and the uber-patriotism theme not even hiding under the surface of the story. Also, I don’t see why they couldn’t have saved ONE freaking book from that place before blowing it up.

Jane the Virgin 1×13, “Chapter Thirteen” (Meg)

I admit, they're winning me over.
I admit, they’re winning me over.

Instead of putting off the consequences of Chapter Twelve’s Sin Ros(e)tro reveal, this episode gives Michael the necessary clues to correctly identifying the drug lord as Rose, finally allowing the plot to take a necessary leap forward. For the first time this season, I’m genuinely compelled by this storyline. Elsewhere, Jane and Rafael discover that there’s a chance that their child will be born with some serious health defects. Jane is then forced to decide if she wants to continue to not know whether or not she’ll have a disabled child, though finding out definitively could result in a miscarriage. Much like in the pilot, the show handles Jane’s life relating to her pregnancy extremely well. They continue to state abortion as a possibility, since she never wanted a baby in the first place. However, they also have Jane establish the fact that she would want to know if she had a disabled child so she could adequately care for it, and that getting an abortion for that reason was not an option. The episode’s sweetest moment comes from Jane’s family organizing a graduation ceremony for her while she’s on bed rest, marking the first time on network television that we get to see a Latina protagonist graduate from college.

The Flash 1×13, “The Nuclear Man” (Megan)

Not-Ronnie and Caitlin (Source)
Not-Ronnie and Caitlin (Source)

Part one of two episodes focusing on Firestorm: the combined form of Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Martin Stein. The team manages to track him down, but they discover that Firestorm is on the verge of going nuclear. Meanwhile, Joe enlists Cisco’s help in trying to identify Barry’s mother’s murderer, and admits that he suspects Dr. Wells was somehow involved. Not to mention Barry goes on a couple of dates with Linda Park. I’m curious and hopeful about watching Barry and Linda’s relationship unfold, because so far she seems to be a pretty confident and forthright woman and I think we need more women like her on this show (or maybe the problem is just that we need women in general – both are probably true). This was an interesting episode, especially in relation to the Cisco and Joe discoveries, but I feel like next week is going to be much more action-packed and exciting.

Agent Carter 1×06, “A Sin to Err” (Meg)

God bless Hayley Atwell
God bless Hayley Atwell

OH MY GOD EVERYTHING GOT SO REAL THIS WEEK. The series’ primary villains (Leviathan and one of their agents: Dottie) finally emerged from the shadows and began to take action on the intel they’d been collecting in the first part of the season, rather than looming in the distance. Peggy begins to put the pieces together about how to correctly identify and then eliminate their agents, which she begins to do with the aid of Jarvis. However, Agent Souza from the SSR figures out that she’s working for Howard Stark before she has a chance to find what she’s looking for, a fact which she doesn’t realize until an entire SSR team from D.C. corners her in a cafe. She takes all of them out (obviously), but is forced to double-back to her apartment in order to retrieve Steve Rodger’s blood. Peggy very nearly escapes, only to be knocked out (and almost killed) by Dottie, by way of a poisoned-lipstick-kiss. Instead, she’s arrested by the SSR and brought in for questioning. This episode also brings us some lovely friendship moments between Peggy and Angie, and brings particular attention to Angie’s actress aspirations. HUZZAH FOR FEMALE FRIENDSHIP AND FLESHED OUT FEMALE SIDE CHARACTERS.

Arrow 3×13, “Canaries” (Megan)


The Arrow team (including Laurel) finally push back against Oliver, explaining that just because he’s back and still wants to be in charge doesn’t mean they’re going to let him – his fight against Ra’s and subsequent death changed them too. At Malcolm’s urging, Ollie finally tells Thea the truth, so that the three of them can stand up to Ra’s as a team. It went so well I almost wondered if the entire scene was Oliver’s fantasy, because we have spent so much time with Diggle and Ollie convinced that telling Thea the truth would be disastrous, I thoroughly believed it too. This episode seemed to include a lot of people standing up to Ollie, and pushing back against his assumed command, and I appreciated that. In the past it made sense for everyone to follow him, but that’s not the case anymore, and I’m glad that change has been acknowledged and accepted. I’m excited to see Thea and Oliver start really training more seriously with Malcolm, and continuing to build their supportive and finally honest sibling bond.

What about you, Geekettes? What did you watch this week?


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