“You Do Know How To Whistle, Don’t You?” – Top 10 Sexiest Moments in Film

Ah yeah, it’s that time alright. That movie, which shall many shall see is coming out, and its supposed to be sexy. Though I have my own doubts on how good this film in question, with all its “Grey-ness” will be, it’s safe to say people are gonna see it. But what about movies that are actually sexy, and in fact, good?

From steamy kisses, to incredibly heart pounding dialog, we’ve got you covered this Valentine’s Day. So sit back, grab your heart-shaped pillow, and let’s take a look at some sexy moments on film. The sexiest, in fact.

10. Some Kind of Wonderful – “The Car Kiss”


Many of you are probably sick of me writing about Some Kind of Wonderful, but spoiler alert: I’ll never stop. As one of my favorite teen movies, it holds many memories for me, and this kiss is probably among the best. Mary Stuart Masterson’s Watts is very much in charge here, teaching Eric Stolz’s Keith a thing or two about kissing. Both actors have natural chemistry here, and the tension between them is built up excellently as the film progresses. But when this scene arrives, in all its charming glory, it works.

9. High Art – “Loving, Couch Style”


It’s actually really hard to pick one specific scene in High Art that is the best of the best. But, if I had to go with any, I’d say the make out scene on the couch stands out the most. The story of Syd, spunky and innocent 24 year old, and her romantic adventures with 40 something lesbain photographer Lucy, is one of the most interesting set to film. Being one of the first LGBTQ films I saw, this opened my eyes to a whole new world of filmmaking, and has remained one that is permanently stuck in my mind.

8. Mildred Pierce – “Warm, Wanted and Beautiful”

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 1.22.16 PM

Joan Crawford is an odd one. At times in her films she came off as cold, detached and in charge. But in Mildred Pierce, she slowly morphs into the bombshell many would regard her as in her youth, and in her middle age as well. Heck, this is the role that famously won her an Oscar, which was delivered to her house. And this scene proves her skill, especially when it comes to her chemistry with co-star Zachary Scott. You can sense the attraction between their characters easily, which probably added some more steam to that fire in the background. The work of cinematographer Ernest Haller is beautifully showcased here as well, making Joan’s eyes spark with ease.

7. Splash – “Salt Water Bath”


While the majority of these scenes contain either a kiss, or some form of dialog that is sexy, there is one specific scene in Splash that features neither of those things. In fact, not one word is spoken in this particular part, making it that much more “intense”, depending on who you ask. Some will say as a kid, this part always seemed awkward, but it became one of the most iconic film images of the 80’s. What I am talking about is when Daryl Hannah’s character, in her human form, goes to lay in a salt water filled bath tub, and turns back (temporarily) into her mermaid self. Done with carefully smooth edits, and only a few sounds, this is both a marvel at cinematic wizardry and one heck of a steamy scene.

6. Down in the Valley – “Kitchen Floor”


Like High Art, Down in the Valley has a lot of delicious sequences to chose from. But one scene, in which our couple (played by Evan Rachel Wood and Edward Norton) do it on the kitchen floor, is definitely the stand out. I was really into Edward Norton at the time this movie came out, so safe to say this movie definitely gave me many fangirly thoughts to ponder over. Though the film as a whole is sort of a big narrative mess, when the chemistry between Edward and Evan worked, it really made cinematic sparks fly. Many will say Thelma & Louise has the sexiest cowboy scene, but I’d argue Down in the Valley be the winner of that contest.

5. Enchanted – “I’m Angry”


Many would say that Enchanted is a “kids movie,” but I’d have to say that it really is a lot more for adults than one would think. Sure, kids can definitely watch it, no problem. But would they really get the incredibly layered Disney references or Giselle’s evolution from innocent wide-eyed bride to full fledged adult woman? I’d check “no” in that question box. And no scene better explains this statement than the one where Giselle proclaims her anger. Amy Adams perfectly shifts from gleeful joy into utter confusion, and it is truly the best acting she’s ever done. Patrick Dempsey also does well here, making Robert vulnerable and shocked throughout Giselle’s emotional rollercoaster, especially when she discovers his chest hair. Giggle or not, you can’t deny that this was one adult scene for a Disney production.

4. Black Swan – “THAT kiss”


Many could argue that Black Swan doesn’t really feature any “positive sexual experiences” for Natalie Portman’s Nina. But I would say that isn’t the case. Nina wouldn’t evolve throughout the course of the film if it weren’t for her maturity, sexually, as a character, which allows her to dance the part of the Odette’s evil twin. Though near the end things turn to worse for Nina, her “dream kiss” (or was it?) with Mila Kunsis’s Lilly is the moment in which Nina truly transforms, and never turns back to her old self. Beautifully shot and fiercely edited, this is a scene that is engraved in many minds, and will be for years to come.

3. To Have and Have Not – “Put Your Lips Together…”


Ah, yes, this moment. How could I have made a sexy list of movie moments without including this classic? To Have and Have Not might not be the most memorable film of all time, but this particular sequence has remained among many film critics favorites for decades since its release. Showing film darlings Lauren Bacall and Humphry Bogart at their finest, here we have sexuality done in the classiest of ways. No kisses, or movement needed, it’s all in the dialog. Who knew learning to whistle could be so sexy?

2. Bram Stoker’s Dracula – “Diamond Tears”


I know of a few that’ll give me dirty looks for liking the 1992 version of Dracula, but it’ll always remain my favorite for its old school techniques and its casting of the leads. Many scenes have a beautiful and romantic quality to them, but the scene in which Dracula turns Mina into a vampire is pretty intense, and when teenage Dalin saw it, lets just say it made her like vampires…. a lot. Yeah, sorry Edward, Gary Oldman’s Dracula will always be the sexiest, with his diamond tears, accent, and fancy clothes. Giving you all the delicious vampire feels, 90’s Dracula knows where the sexy times are at.

1. Some Like It Hot – “Tango Kiss”


In my teens, I was going through a giant Marilyn Monroe phase. I was obsessed with watching her films, and none of them have quite impressed me like Some Like It Hot. Regardless of how many decades have passed, it refuses to age in its humor, boldness, and overall charm. But nothing could have prepared me for what I consider to be the most intense and sexy scene in film history. Without any major cuts, filmed in a simple medium close up, this moment between Monroe and Tony Curtis definitely got me interested, to say the least. Marilyn is electric here, and it’s hard to take your eyes off her. The tension is yummy, as is everything in between. Makes you wanna take a tango lesson, doesn’t it?

So those are my picks for the sexiest moments in film, but which are yours? Comment below with your picks! Don’t be shy! (wink wink!)


2 thoughts on ““You Do Know How To Whistle, Don’t You?” – Top 10 Sexiest Moments in Film

  1. The Big Easy. 1987. The scene where uptight, by-the-book D.A. Ellen Barkin finally gives in and lets herself be seduced by charming but sketchy homicide detective Dennis Quaid during a police corruption investigation in New Orleans. Hot, hot, hot. And vulnerable. Sigh, now I gotta go get the DVD for a rewatch. 🙂

  2. Love…LOVE…Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula. The first glance between Mina and the Count on the streets of London…and when he tells her ‘I have crossed oceans of time to find you’….OH MY GOODNESS…such erotic intensity… and anyone who can turn tears into diamonds ain’t too shabby.

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