New “Pitch Perfect 2” Trailer Review

Here’s some more Pitch for ya. Behold the newest trailer for Pitch Perfect 2, a sequel that seems to be holding nothing back – including the fierceness of the entire cast. Granted, I still have yet to see the first installment in this franchise, but the more I see trailers for the continuing story of The Barden Bellas, I get generally excited.

However, there are some “interesting” aspects of this trailer, specifically that of the jokes highlighted in the beginning. Listen, I’m all for over the top, “gritty” humor, but when it tries to make fun of a really embarrassing aspect for a lot of people, I tend to not be a fan of that. Granted, Rebel Wilson is a boss at making jokes at her own expense, which are usually really funny. But that specific moment at the White House performance was not one of those to celebrate, and in fact, was cringe worthy at best.

If that is any indication of the direction of this movie, then I’m, in all honesty, a bit nervous. But with the additions of Youtube star Flula, and the girl power motif, that one moment above could just be a small crack in an overall lovely cinematic painting.

So what are your thoughts about this new trailer for Pitch Perfect 2? Did you like the opening joke, or find it in poor taste? Comment below with your thoughts and ideas! 


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