This Week on TV: Jan 31-Feb 6

Here’s what the TV team was watching this week! As usual, this is full of spoilers, so read on with care.

Jane the Virgin 1×12, “Chapter Twelve” (Meg)

Jaime Camil and Gina Rodriguez in this week's Jane the Virgin
Jaime Camil and Gina Rodriguez in this week’s Jane the Virgin

Jane and Rogelio (my brogelio) are the feature of this week’s main storyline when the writers of Rogelio’s telenovela give her an episode to write…in which Rogelio’s character is killed off. Though Jane ends up writing the episode, and Rogelio accepts his fate, it’s (thankfully) made clear that we haven’t seen the last of Rogelio’s career in acting. The Sin Rostro subplot takes a few leaps forward, partly with Luisa’s help, as Rafael looks into the possibility that his father is the culprit of the masked person’s crimes. This week, we were left with a particularly intriguing cliffhanger, that Sin Rostro has been Rose Solano the whole time. Though many fans suspected Rafael and Luisa’s step-mother (and lover, in Luisa’s case) was the infamous drug lord, more shocking was her cold-blooded murder of her husband by burying him alive in wet concrete. One of my favorite moments, however, was between Jane and the show’s central protagonist, Petra, as the former comforted the latter as she cried over her past coming back to haunt her. Though the show already demonstrates many positive female/female relationships, I loved seeing a small development towards a genuine, platonic friendship between two unrelated women.

Sleepy Hollow 2×15, “Spellcaster” (Brianna)

The Boy is Back.

This week’s threat to Sleepy Hollow is Solomon Kent, a reverend and warlock with ties to Katrina’s family history and the Salem Witch Trials. After accidentally killing his unrequited love, Kent sparked that dark time in American history by claiming she was a witch. To protect himself, he took to hunting down other witches, even those of his own coven. Among them was Helena Van Tassel, Katrina’s grandmother. Although he was banished to Purgatory after this, Kent’s back and seeking a very important book of magic to change his past. Abbie, Ichabod, and Katrina team up to stop him: Katrina fails against him when he calls her out on the darkness in her heart that she’s been suppressing. Abbie and Ichabod use some modern magic (SCIENCE) to weaken him, but it’s FRANK IRVING who actually kills him and takes the grimoire book. After the last several episodes of gaining both the Witnesses and the audience’s trust back, it looks like Frank IS working with Henry Parrish after all. Henry declares he will no longer be the Horseman of War or defined by anyone else. He will bend destiny to his will.

Personally I’ve got mixed feelings about the “Katrina may go evil” path they seem to be heading on. I feel like fans have been suspecting/wishing this storyline for the wrong reasons, and making Katrina a villain can be just as detrimental to her character as the incessant ‘damsel-in-distress’ scenarios have. So glad to see Henry again, and to see Grace Dixon’s journal used. Although I didn’t want Irving to be in cahoots with Henry, I do understand it narratively. At least it gives Orlando Jones a meatier story to sink his acting chops into.

The Flash 1×12, “Crazy for You” (Megan)

Peek-a-boo and the Flash facing off (Source)
Peek-a-boo and the Flash facing off (Source)

This week’s Flash hit me right in the feels, I’m not going to lie. There were also a lot of different moving parts and surprisingly little involving Dr. Wells. In the midst of dealing with a woman who can teleport and Cisco being tricked into releasing Hartley, Caitlin and Barry went out for a night of karaoke to move on from their respective failed/lost loves. Barry’s father also revealed his suspicion that Barry was the Flash and gave a moving speech about how proud he would be if the Flash was his son, because the Flash is saving lives. I was impressed with Iris and Caitlin’s initiative this week – Caitlin deciding it’s time to face life without Ronnie, and Iris snagging a picture of the Flash without Barry realizing. All in all a fun episode that set a lot of things moving for the coming weeks, I’m sure.

Agent Carter 1×05, “The Iron Ceiling” (Meg)

“Do you honestly expect you will change [your colleagues’] minds [about you]?”
 This week’s peek into Agent Carter’s world post-Captain America finally involved a sanctioned mission with Peggy and her co-workers at the SSR. Specific team members include the Howling Commandos and Agent Thompson (aka Agent Chad Michael Murray), with whom Peggy spends most of the episode exploring a potential Leviathan facility. Though it doesn’t excuse his previous behavior towards Peggy, we learn that Thompson has been suffering from PTSD from his experiences in the Pacific, and by the episode’s end he begins to accept Peggy as an agent.In the process of the mission, we saw the origins of not only Dottie Underwood, Peggy’s new neighbor, but also potentially Scarlett Johanssen’s Natasha Romanov/Black Widow. A school in Russia (as many have suspected) has, for several decades, has been training girls since their pre-pubescence in not only the martial arts and murder, but also in how to perfectly feign assimilation into American culture. This certainly leads to a suspicion that Dottie will be the Big Bad of the season, which I would personally be psyched about. As a lover of Bridget Regan, I’m thrilled that she’s going to be the new go-to villainess of network television, as she’s also Jane the Virgin’s Rose Solano.

Arrow 3×12, “Uprising” (Megan)

Reclaiming the Glades (Source)
Reclaiming the Glades (Source)

As Oliver journeys back to Starling City, the Arrow team gathers allies to take back the Glades from Brick. Merlyn offers to help them after learning that Brick was the man who killed his wife all those years ago, but they refuse to team up with him because of who he is, and Felicity is furious when Oliver returns and asks Merlyn to train him to defeat Ra’s al Ghul. I think we can all agree that the best part of this episode was the fact that Ollie is finally back in Starling City. Yay! I also appreciated Laurel really feeling like a full member of Team Arrow, and then Felicity standing up to Ollie at the end when he told her he was going to work with Malcolm Merlyn. I almost wonder if her anger at Ollie is going to drive her more towards Ray Palmer and A.T.O.M. in the coming weeks, especially now that she knows Ollie isn’t dead. We’ll have to wait and see!

What did you watch this week, Geekettes? Let us know in the comments!


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