Harleen Style Line Revisit

A few months back, I discussed the “lifestyle” line Harleen. DC is cashing in on their cash cow known as Harley Quinn. I, very obviously, had my reservations about the whole concept of the line. Last Thursday, however, I got an email from Hot Topic announcing its release.

Naturally, I perused the website to see what was offered. My first impression was the obvious “OOOOOoooooooOOOOOooooO SHINY!!!” that I give to all things dealing with my cosplay alter ego. The line offers quite a bit of things, from shirts and dresses to a throw blanket. The size range that is offered online is very surprising and welcomed. The largest size offered in most of the items happens to be 3XL. Hot Topic DOES run in juniors sizing, so a 3XL is a VERY welcomed sight when looking at all the options. But the doubts ran in my brain: just how SMALL does this line run?

 I’ve mentioned before about fandom apparel running on the smaller side of things. An XL could actually fit like a medium. Kind of disheartening to a bigger girl like me, right? So I asked my Hot Topic informant. After the fangirling, I got my answer. According to her, the sizing is pretty normal to size.


 On I went to Hot Topic once I was released from work. The selection at my store was not that big when it came to the actual Harleen line. They happen to carry a fair amount of the BioWorld line. I started feeling EVERYTHING. I make my own costumes, and most of the cosplay merch tends to feel EXTREMELY cheap. I am happy to note the quality of the items was very high. One shirt in particular sticks out as an example.

Pictured here (on the right) is a zip up tank top that resembles a corset style top. I thought FOR SURE that it would be a flimsy fabric with no give. I was wrong. The shirt is made of a thick material with plenty of stretch. My store only had up to an XL and it didn’t fit me. No big deal. It was cute, but I wouldn’t have been able to use it for a cosplay. I did end up buying the cardigan in the line. The XL fit, but I can’t button it all the way. A no biggie situation, really. I’m in the process of becoming healthier and losing weight. 

wpid-20150129_163013.jpgThere is one problem I have with this line though, and it’s minor. It happens to be the tag on the clothes. The front is a playing card. SUPER CUTE! On the back, is a note from Harley herself. The note is the thing that bugs me. Saying that the clothes will help you find your own Mistah J?wpid-20150129_163023.jpg First off, they may have been “in love.” but the relationship was an abusive one. It took Harley TWENTY-THREE YEARS (since her birth into the DC Universe) TO REALIZE THE JOKER WAS TOXIC FOR HER! (Side note: I DO happen to enjoy the love Harley and Joker had for each other, minus the attempted murder.) Secondly, why should you wear certain things to get a man? That second part is just me, though. In the last few years, Harley has grown a backbone and become independent instead of relying on a man to be at her side. We have Ivy, and whoever decides to write her, to thank for that.

Overall, I’m happy. DC (along with whoever had input on this) did a great job with the quality of the product they put to the masses. They also took into consideration the fans of different sizes. The items I interacted with all felt like they had some amount of stretch to the fabric. I’m going to give DC a B+ for their “lifestyle” line. They would have gotten an A if it hadn’t been for the tag.tumblr_mu02h9DhFg1rdcs6xo1_500


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