Dalin’s Simulcast Corner: News Edition – Death Note The Musical….. Is A Thing


Oh internet. I was all but prepared to write another one of my reviews when, all the sudden, you leave a golden egg of pure ridiculousness on my lap. Yes, the bits you might have heard about a Death Note musical have all been confirmed months ago, but now we do in fact have an actual song, in all its Wildhorn glory. Welcome to another installment of Simulcast Corner, a News/Death Note specific edition.


So I’ll be honest, Death Note has never, ever been a favorite of mine. I enjoyed the premise initially and tried to get into it on various occasions, but the story never grabbed me like it did, well, the rest of the anime loving population. The characters never really interested me, and I felt the plot became too crazy as it continued. But I know many people still love this show, and thus it make sense that its popularity would continue. And even with my distaste for it, I can definitely see why someone would want to make a musical out of it.

Speaking of which, who the heck is involved in this thing anyway? Well the man behind the music for this production is none other than Frank Wildhorn. Who is he? Well, Frank just happens to be one of the most well recognized lyricists in the Broadway world. Most people know his work from Jeykll & Hyde musical, along with cult favorites like Bonnie & Clyde and Dracula. He also wrote songs for pop stars, including the immortal Whitney Houston. So yeah, this guy is kind of a big deal.

Now, let’s examine the song:


Sadly, this demo doesn’t have any official title I can find, but let’s call it for the moment “One And The Same” since these words are referenced in the chorus. We can hear the vocals of Jeremy Jordan (#lordhavemercythefangirlingisstrong) and Jarrod Spector, two awesome Broadway talents who perfectly showcase Wildhorn’s strengths as a composer/lyricist. In fact, this might be one of the strongest and most confident songs I’ve heard out of Wildhorn in quite some time, along with lyrics that fit Light and L’s personalities very well. I’m gonna take a guess in saying Jeremy (the first to sing) is playing Light in this demo, and Jarrod is L. Either way, their voices work pretty well for their characters, but can’t see them working too well, visually speaking.



I have no idea what the context of the song is, or any of the plot details, but knowing Frank being involved, the drama will not be dialed down. My guess is that this show is gonna rely on the majority of the plot that is featured in the first Death Note movie, or first few chapters (that I can remember, at least….) of the manga. Either way, this is gonna make for one interesting show, if it makes it to the USA, or if it is just the Korean production (that will premiere later this year.)

So what are your thoughts on the Death Note musical? What plot are you hoping gets covered? Do you like this casting, or would you rather have other actors than the ones on this demo? Who would be in your dream cast of the show, if it does indeed premiere on Broadway? Comment below with your thoughts and ideas! 


6 thoughts on “Dalin’s Simulcast Corner: News Edition – Death Note The Musical….. Is A Thing

  1. I love Wildhorn so this is an interesting surprise. I loved Dracuala and this sounds better then that so hmmm an anime musical on broadway? Well if they did shrek why not Death Note?

    1. Totally agree on that one! Though Wildhorn’s work is commercial, I feel like it works here. And hey if they can do Anime musicals in Japan on a regular basis, don’t see why that would be a problem here in the US.

  2. I love Deathnote, however… a musical? It is so not in line with the whole premise of the anime! How can the dark agony and psychological conundrums present ever be paraded and sung in a musical? No no no no no. This could ruin the whole thing. The whole idea is ludicrous… sorry for the tirade. :-/

    1. No worries about a tirade!

      Though I do think you’re missing a great deal though of the drama and intensity that a musical can bring to a story. There are tons of musicals that are about incredibly dreadful, depressing subjects, and the right music elevates those emotions to another level. Just because the characters are expressing their feelings through song doesn’t make a once serious product any less so. I’d recommend checking out shows like Three Penny Opera and even Jesus Christ Superstar to represent that.

      1. I love musicals! Have watched The Phantom of the Opera 4 times! I must have given the wrong impression I think. It’s not that I dont like musicals, merely that I don’t think that as a medium they would fit Deathnote.

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