Fan Fiction: The Puppet Master

Hi, my name is Deanna and I’m a fan fiction addict. Unlike many addictions, and contrary to many people’s opinion, fan fiction is not a bad addiction. Fan fiction has definitely received a reputation for bad writing, bad characters, and misinterpretations of stories. While I won’t argue that those don’t exist within fan fiction sites, I will defend fan fiction and the right of people to read and write it without being ashamed.
Fan fiction is a tool that can be used for readers and writers to expand and learn more about their reading and writing abilities. So many authors start out by writing fan fiction, and may not have learned to believe in their writing abilities if they hadn’t. There are also many opportunities for people of any age to try out their editing abilities for other’s fan fictions. These are just some of the benefits to come from fan fiction, other than the ability to further explore worlds and characters that you love.

I found my love of fan fiction when my sister introduced me to “The Puppet Master” by Glitch in The System on Usually the concept of a fan getting to go inside their favorite novel is not something I’d make my first choice to read because I wouldn’t like it if they changed the story or made themselves a part of it in a self serving way. “The Puppet Master” however, is cleverly done.

Cammy moves to Forks to live with her Aunt and Uncle, she’s kind of excited because, well, she loves Twilight, but what she didn’t expect was that the characters and stories are real. Cammy begins to realize that now that she’s in Twilight, it doesn’t exist in the outside world. She does everything in her power to make the story happen the way it should without inserting herself into the story.
Cammy is the kind of character that you want to read about because she is kind but she has a big personality. She is relatable because she’s a huge fan girl, and she knows how to take care of herself. She is the kind of independent, free thinking character that I love to read about. The ways she is written, sometimes she is responsible for cannon events, but she hides her involvement in order to keep the books the way they were written. As far as original characters go, I would say Cammy is one of my favorite.
The Puppet Master is over 400,000 words long and is currently incomplete but it’s still a great read. Cammy is a relatable character who acts like many people would act if they were in the world of their favorite story. I read this fan fiction seven years ago but if it wasn’t for Glitch in the System and her story I probably would’ve never read fan fiction. I probably would’ve never written fan fiction, and for that I am extremely grateful.
If you ever find yourself wanting a new and different perspective of Twilight, I highly suggest this story, especially if you like to read about the wolves.

Read “The Puppet Master” here.


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