Dalin’s Simulcast Corner: The Rolling Girls – Episode 2 Review


Welcome back to Simulcast Corner! This week, we’re taking on another adventure with The Rolling Girls, full of color, heart-shaped lasers, and lots of excitement. So hop on your motorcycle, and let’s get this review on the road! Let’s see what Episode 2 has in store!

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 5.13.17 PM

As Episode 2 begins, we get to see the beautifully animated opening sequence for the series. Tons of color and a bit of a 90’s girl band edge make this a memorable one compared to other recent shows. It perfectly explains the girl power ambitions of the show, and adds a nice bit of K-On touches, one that feels as much of a tribute as it does a middle finger to the Moe genre (or at least, that’s what I wish it was). We then lead into where Episode 1 left us off, with Nozomi and her friends stuck in a rollercoaster headed to disaster (aka part of it is destroyed and they’ll most likely die.) Luckily, their leader Masami is on the case and ready to save the day…. right?

Episode 2 does some interesting things. It, first of all, allows for the plot to expand, and never gets stale. It also introduces an element that was briefly brought up in the previous episode, in which we see the past lives of the two leaders. Though not all details are given, there’s enough to establish that pretty much every major character in this series has had some “Senpai” or authority figure that has inspired them to greatness, whether it be the right path for them or otherwise. This allows for our characters to be much more layered individuals, rather than filling their stereotypical, marketable roles, as per the norm in Anime these days.

This installment also gives some much needed attention to specific side characters. The perfect example being our “villainous” Kuniko’s sidekick, Yukari Otonashi. By god, is this character hilarious. She exhibits complete control on the surface, but on the inside, proves that she is in fact smarter than her leader by a long shot. She even says witty insults in her head (though meant lovingly) about Kuniko in spectacular, vintage Shoujo fashion.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 5.19.38 PM

We also witness our protagonist’s reaction to finding out who her hero, Maccha Green, really is. Many of us as kids have had idols, ones we treasure and carry the magic they’ve had for us into our adulthood. Nozomi’s admiration and love for Maccha Green is more than just the typical fangirl behavior; she in fact wants to become her, even though she is a “Rest” (non-super human person). When a big issue arrives where Maccha can no longer serve, we see Nozomi take on the leadership skills she so willingly believed she has, even if they are mental, and not physical. This kind of willingness and pride within herself easily makes her a protagonist that I, myself, can admire. She’s the underdog, and that is always a character I’m willing to invest in.

By the end of the episode, The Rolling Girls finally begins to kick into main gear. We’ve got our main leads introduced, even though the other girls are a mystery compared to Nozomi, and they seem to all have something to offer in this group, rather than just their cute appeal and spunky attitudes. It’ll be interesting to see what skills they can bring to the table, and if my possible predictions of one of them being a “Best” does come to fruition. Either way, The Rolling Girls remains a show that I have quite a bit of interest in, and if this keeps going, we’ve sure got an exciting, imaginative ride ahead of us.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 5.39.02 PM


Rolling Girls streams on Funimation, airing new episodes every Sunday!



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