*Breaking News* Disney Cast a Live-Action Belle and Fans Don’t Hate Her

When Disney announced a live action Beauty and the Beast remake, I was less than thrilled. Then earlier today, a Facebook status was uploaded by a well loved actress stating that she will be playing Belle, and I could not be happier! imageEmma Watson is a magical choice for Belle. She’s already proven she can play tough, she can be a bookworm, and she has the pipes from the little singing I’ve heard from her. Not to mention, in the status, she said she’s going to take singing lessons! Smart move!

I remain skeptical about the overall production. Disney, over the past few years has made a habit of remaking well-loved movies based on tales as old as time, and dropping the themes that made them so well-loved, without being at all innovative. Maleficent, while being an enjoyable movie, was not the backstory of the character in the film Sleeping Beauty. Tim Burton’s Alice was not very good at being true to the books, or previous Disney film.

imageJudging by the Disney novel, The Beast Within, which is, I’m assuming where the plot is coming from, I’m not going to like this film. The one flaw I’ve found with my favorite movie of all time is that Belle, praised for her kindness and understanding, never once asks the Beast his true name. In Kingdom Hearts, the Disney video game, he is called Prince Adam. From flipping through the novel, I noticed he is called Beast throughout the book. I will be super disappointed if this carries into the movie.

Do you think Emma Watson will rock this film? Or will the movie still tank? Let me know in the comments!

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