This Week on TV: January 18-24

This week on TV we saw the first season of The Librarians come to an end, and some CW favorites (The Flash and Arrow) return.  Agent Carter had no new episode this week because of the State of the Union address. For what shows did air, there were ups and downs (as with any week on tv) and below the break you can find our many spoiler-filled thoughts on this week’s episodes. Read on if you want to know the TV writers’ thoughts!

The Librarians 1×09, “And the City of Light”

Teen Wolf's Haley Webb (left) guest-stars in The Librarians
Teen Wolf’s Haley Webb (left) as Mabel Collins

Baird disappears during the team’s investigation of a possibly UFO-afflicted town. Jake strikes up an immediate bond and mutual attraction with the town’s archivist, Mabel, which makes the team uneasy because the town’s got a secret. It was built as part of an experiment site for Nikola Tesla’s experiments with wireless electricity,  but something went wrong and all the residents were “zapped out of sync with the universe”. Tesla found a way to stabilize them,  but they’ve been trapped in the area for a hundred years. They’ve even possessed the bodies of newer residents while they wait for Tesla’s capacitor to store enough energy to hopefully free them. The Librarians help, until it becomes a Needs-of-the-Many versus Needs-of-the-Few choice. Baird gets out, but Mabel gives her life in helping Jake shut the capacitor down, leaving her people trapped again. Although I don’t agree with the choice to air this right before the season finale, it was nice to finally have a Jake-centric episode, as well as one where the team doesn’t quite win. Jake truly opened up to someone about his life and why he’s never acted on any of his dreams. We even got to see a new side of Ezekiel: even though he’s made a life of stealing from others, he’s loath to help the town because body-snatching is just too far.  -Brianna

The Librarians 1×10, “And the Loom of Fate”

Do you believe in fate?

Flynn returns with a plan to bring back the Library, but the team’s efforts are hijacked by Dulaque. He tampers with the Loom of Fate to change history, sending Flynn and Eve Baird into alternate timelines where Flynn never became the Librarian. Eve nearly dies fixing history and helping Flynn bring back the Library. And we get confirmation on Dulaque and Jenkins’ identities! You can see my lengthier review of the season finale here.  -Brianna

Sleepy Hollow 2×13, “Pittura Infamante”

Katrina reminisces about her bestie Abigail Adams (Michelle Trachtenberg, right) when date night turns into a murder investigation
Katrina reminisces about her bestie Abigail Adams (Michelle Trachtenberg, right) who accomplishes more in one episode’s flashback than Mrs. Crane’s done this whole season

It’s date night for Katrina and Ichabod as they try to re-evaluate their relationship in the modern world. At an event hosted by the Historical Society, an art restorer is killed in a brutal fashion, reminiscent of a series of crimes that Katrina remembers hearing about from her BFF, Abigail Adams. The Cranes deduce the killer was magically bound in a painting and now he’s out for blood. Meanwhile, Abbie gets the shock of her life when notdead!Frank Irving walks into the precinct. She and Jenny debate whether Frank’s purpose is a good or bad omen, preparing for the worst. After saving Ichabod and Katrina’s skins, Abbie hears from Sheriff Reyes that alleged evidence has come to light that may vindicate Frank Irving of his crimes. I know most people in the fandom don’t give a damn about Katrina, but she was pretty close to being a real character this episode. Also this is probably the only time we’ll ever get a Founding Mother name-drop, so let’s revel in the double BAMF-ness of Abigails: Mills and Adams.  -Brianna

The Flash 1×10, “Revenge of the Rogues”

What, you don't find them intimidating? (Source)
What, you don’t find them intimidating? (Source)

This week’s Flash was a fun return from hiatus, with the shady Captain Cold coming after the Flash, along with his accomplice, nicknamed Heat Wave by Cisco. In order for Barry to take them down he has to appear as the Flash in front of the media and the police, confirming once and for all that Central City’s friendly red streak is real. I think this was a really good post-hiatus episode because it picked up a lot of threads: continuing Caitlin’s search for more information about Ronnie, Iris being awkward around Barry because of knowing how he feels, and Barry training so that next time he encounters his mother’s killer, he’ll be faster. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot for Caitlin and Iris to do this week – both of their storylines were very focused around the men they love, with Iris moving in with Eddie, and Caitlin trying to track down more information about Ronnie only to get kidnapped by Captain Cold (and rescued by Joe and Cisco). I’m hopeful for growth in future episodes, however. After all, what is going to happen with Iris’ blog now that everyone knows the Flash is real? We’ll have to wait and see.  -Megan

Arrow 3×10, “Left Behind”

Roy and Diggle trying their hardest (Source)
Roy and Diggle trying their hardest (Source)

Understandably, this episode dealt with the direct aftermath of Oliver’s duel with Ra’s al Ghul: Roy and Diggle continue trying to protect the city, and Felicity vehemently insisting that Oliver is still alive. Malcolm Merlyn brings a bloodied sword as proof of Oliver losing the duel, and they all begin to process, as we see Maseo bring Oliver’s body to his supposedly dead wife Tatsu, for her to bring him back to life. I have to admit I was almost a little surprised they showed Oliver breathing again during the episode, because I thought they might hold that until the second post-hiatus episode. I’m assuming that’s a possible sign of how quickly he will be back in action, which I’m not going to complain about. While I was intrigued by the idea of Starling City without the Arrow, I’m also very invested in continuing Oliver’s story, and hope that this second half of the season settles into that quickly. I’m also very excited to see Felicity and Ray Palmer’s work relationship continue to develop.  -Megan

So Geekettes – what did you watch this week? What were you most excited about?

Written by Brianna Murch and Megan Gianniny


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