Loneliness and Adventure, the Chance to Make a Difference: The Librarians “And the Loom of Fate” (1×10)

Noah Wyle returns as a slightly different Flynn Carsen

I NEED TO KNOW THAT THIS SHOW IS GETTING A SEASON TWO. NOW. Is this what it felt like for Leverage fans after the season 5 finale? How did you lot survive!? The writers have tied up just enough ends to sate the viewers if the show doesn’t get renewed, but there’s still an open plot door or two they can use if they DO get a second season.

Flynn enlists Eve and the L.I.T.s  to help bring back the Library, but villainous mastermind Dulaque has other plans. He uses the doorway they’ve opened to the Void to find The Loom of Fate. Eve and Flynn try to stop him, but Dulaque cuts the fabric on the loom to change history and stop the fall of Camelot. Eve and Flynn are hurtled across alternate timelines in which Flynn never became Librarian. Eve must help Flynn realize his potential and set history right – even if the cost is her life.

evekissnope1nope2Okay, the comparison was inevitable. The episode’s wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey. There, I said it. Eve hops through three different timelines with a version of Flynn who was never the Librarian. Common to all three is that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and Eve Baird died protecting the Librarian.

First they end up in Librarian!Stone’s world, where wars are breaking out all over because of wild magic. Stone’s a little too happy to see Eve; his reaction has her boarding the NOPE train (as you can see above). Second is Ezekiel’s world: Mr. Jones has matured and focused his job on technology, but that’s not really helping his current magical zombie apocalypse situation. Lastly is Cassandra’s world where people have learned magic in order to hunt it; Cassie’s got a real Queen of Dragons look going on, and although her brain tumor was healed years ago, it altered her mind permanently.

The Alterna-Librarians

In all of these worlds we get a glimpse at what each L.I.T. would be like if they’d responded to the Library’s invite ten years ago. While it’s good to see them in confident, leading roles, they are not perfect Librarians: Stone leads a mercenary-type lifestyle while trying to stay the balance of magic, Ezekiel made a profit off being a Librarian through outsourcing, and Cassandra, despite all her magical knowledge and wisdom, is about ready to give up the fight. Stone, Cassie, and Ezekiel are all really great in their respective specialties, but they have blind spots. In each world Flynn notices or says something that none of them considered, reminding us why he’s The Librarian in the first place.

Jerry O'Connell (Rebecca Romijn's husband) surprises in a cameo as younger Dulaque
Jerry O’Connell (Rebecca Romijn’s husband) surprises in a cameo as younger Dulaque

Flynn’s adventures through the timelines give him a taste of a life he thought he didn’t need, but now he wants it desperately. Cassie uses her mathmagic to summon the alternate Stone and Ezekiel from their worlds so they can open the door back to the Loom of Fate. Flynn uses the twine from the Minotaur’s Labyrinth to reweave the Loom while Eve defends him from a younger Dulaque, AKA Lancelot du Lac. Eve gets stabbed and Jenkins AKA Galahad steps in to battle his old friend (possibly his father depending on how close to Arthuriana we take it) so Flynn can finish the loom.

Dulaque goes poof and Flynn orders the L.I.T.s to finish what they started – getting the Library back. The three L.I.T.s are more concerned with the bleeding Baird while Flynn gleefully runs into the Library. He’s not being a heartless hero – he’s running to get the potion from Episode 1 that slowed down his Excaliber wound. Eve drinks it and heals completely since she was wounded by an ordinary sword. We wrap up with Cassandra, Stone, and Ezekiel all “graduating” to become Librarians of their own, while Flynn and Eve go on ‘a date’ – the kind that’ll probably involve a lot of running.

Librarian and Guardian
Flynn Carsen takes fashion and dating tips from The Doctor

Verdict: LOVED IT. LOVED IT. JENKINS YOU DELICIOUS MASTERMIND. I love when finales call back to everything that’s happened in the season, but I adore the fact that Jenkins is implied to have prepared Eve for surviving timeline-travel because it happened during the Santa mission, and that was the one adventure the clippings book didn’t point them towards. However, I really, really, REALLY hope Lamia isn’t dead-dead. That was one of the things they glossed over as the episode wrapped up, although it certainly seemed like she was gone for good. The more the season went on, the less we saw of her, and there could’ve been so much more done with her. We see an alternate version of her in Alt!Cassandra’s world: Lamia defected and became Cassie’s new guardian after the Eve of that world died. Lamia is just as ruthless but she’s entirely loyal to Cassandra. I would love to see her return in S2 and team up with the gang because she wants revenge against Dulaque.

Jenkins gave Flynn a note from Charlene – where the hell ARE Charlene and Judson, since it looks like they didn’t come back with the library? WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE NOTE SAYS. That’s one reason we need a second season. The other is, besides seeing the graduated L.I.T.s out in the world, there’s a scary implication regarding Cassie’s brain tumor. At the episode’s beginning she “took [the math] all the way down” and had a nosebleed, something that hasn’t happened in a while. Later, when we see Alt!Cassie, she mentions “when my brain tumor grew, I used magic to heal myself.” Not when she discovered magic was real, not when she first became Librarian, when the tumor GREW.

One thing I’m on the fence about is alternate!Eve’s relationship with each Librarian. In the correct timeline, we know she’s got a thing going on with Flynn. In alternate Stone’s timeline, he and Eve were a thing. In Ezekiel’s, Baird was “like a mother” to him. Cassandra’s is left the vaguest but the subtext certainly suggests a romantic relationship. One, I don’t like the (probably unintended) implication that Librarian + Guardian = romance 75% of the time. Two, it’s mildly irksome that the possible lesbian relationship is left in the gray area of They Were Close with only dialogue hints, whereas with the heterosexual pairings it’s stated clear THEY WERE A THING. It’s not that the sexuality of the characters itself is important, but if you’re going to make a big deal out of what Stone and Eve and Ezekiel and Eve’s relationships were, you should treat the EvexCassandra one the same!

We got a lot of answers but there’s still lingering questions! What did you all think, and what do you hope for if we get *fingers crossed* season 2?


13 thoughts on “Loneliness and Adventure, the Chance to Make a Difference: The Librarians “And the Loom of Fate” (1×10)

  1. I too hope there is a second season of The Librarians. It was a grand romp through lots of tales, myths, and legends with something for everyone. Your comment comparing this waiting to what we endured after the 5th season of Leverage made me fearful. After season 5 there were only 3 of the team left. After season 1 of The Librarians there are only 3 of the team left. Can the writers pitch a storyline that will fly this time. Yikes!

  2. First and foremost, I NEED a Season 2 through 9. 😉 This Kaniac was devastated when we lost Leverage.
    I think Cassandra’s sexuality came out in Fables of Doom. As Prince Charming she liked all the girls buying her drinks AND wasn’t that a hint of Merlin ‘ s magic left behind at the very end????
    All in all the creative talent involved here gives us one heck of a great show that I want to continue.
    If TNT doesn’t want it maybe the WB (Arrow, Flash, Supernatural) would consider adding it to their awesome lineup?
    ☆Christian Kane is awesome always!

  3. I really like ‘The Librarians’. I’m even beginning to warm up to Ezekiel. I hope to see Flynn in Season 2. It doesn’t have to be EVERY episode, but many of them. I was looking forward to Flynn finding the ‘library’ mainly, because I want Judson & Charlene to pop in to an episode every so often. Flynn & Baird, I like as a couple, but I don’t think they should couple up any of the LIT’s with each other. Seeing them paired up with non-librarians & witnessing how ‘crazy’ this could become for everyone, may be fun.

    1. I’m right there with you on the Judson and Charlene stuff! Especially Charlene – the way I hear it, there were scenes of her in the first episode that were cut. Basically we got to see her be a bad-ass and find out that she was Judson’s guardian.

  4. First and foremost I NEED seasons 2-9! This was one devastated #Kaniac when #Leverage ended.
    I LOVED the finale, Mr Jerry O’Connell was awesome as Lancelot and Jenkins, well I’ve loved John Larroquette for some time, Gallahad was a fun idea!
    I, too, would like Lamia back, Santa eluded there was more to her than evil, btw Bruce Campbell should do the Santa thing annually.
    I think they inferred quite a lot about Cassandra’s sexuality in Fables of Doom when as Prince Charming she enjoyed all the girls buying her drinks. Now as for using Magic, I think she was left with some of Merlin ‘ s magic at the end.
    The wonderful collection of creative talent involved in this show has given us something, interesting, exciting and fun to watch. If TNT doesn’t want it maybe the CW (Arrow, Flash, Supernatural) would like to add it to their outstanding lineup.
    Christian Kane is awesome always!

  5. Loved that episode and all the interweaving from the previous episodes. I’m with you and the need for a second season NOW. And please more than a 10 episode season.

  6. I loved the episode, I thought each Librarians separate world was well thought out and executed. I also loved that while tying up some loose ends, some were left to answered later. I really want a second season.

  7. Loved your review and take on the season finale! I loved that it answered some questions but left some unanswered just in case we get a season two. I just wish Christian Kane’s story line got a little more screen time.

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