Adventures in D&D


The other day was our first attempt at playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). For those of you who don’t know, D&D is a tabletop RPG in which you create a character, and are basically set free into the world with your Dungeon Master (DM) as your guide. You can do pretty much anything (within reason) and your life is fully dependent upon just a few dice. So, without further ado: FIVE THINGS WE LEARNED IN OUR FIRST D&D SESSION.

You are able to open windows. You don’t have to try to throw someone at the window in order to break it. Especially when you have low strength.

My character, an elf named Thia, was up against a group of Kobalts inside a house. Meghan thought it might be fun for Thia to throw her character, a halfling named Trym, through a window. Funny story: Thia doesn’t have the strength for that. I rolled, and Thia managed to hit the window, but bounced right back off, alerting the Kobalts to our presence. Oops!


I probably shouldn’t be throwing anyone at windows.

I learned my lesson: I opened the window the next time. But I didn’t manage to get Trym through — she managed to hit the windowsill and climb the rest of the way through. Oops!

Healing party members after a battle is a must

Yeah, we forgot about that one. And ended up quickly encountering eight Kobalts. So, two of our party members, Torin (a Human) and Lenni (an Elf) ended up passing out when there were still a handful left to kill, which was not the best thing that could have happened especially considering Torin is the fighter of the group and Lenni was the battle magic user. That battle didn’t go so well — our DM thought we all might die in our first session because we didn’t plan well.


Don’t upset your DM

Our DM, Clay, mentioned to us in passing that it was good none of us were late, because he tends to get creative with our characters if we are. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of your DM because (s)he controls the world your character is living in, and thus you are living in the palm of their hand.

Get creative!

Our DM told us about one game where a member of the party disguised himself as a cactus and threw himself into a room full of ghosts. He was able to relay back to the rest of the team how many enemies were in the room so they could more effectively take them out — and the ghosts just minded their own business when a cactus showed up! Anything is possible in this game.


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