Oscars 2015 Nominations – The Good, The Bad and the Underappreciated


The Academy Awards Nominations are out! We here at DG wanna give you a run down of the nominees, along with our thoughts on them. So take a look below, and see if any of your favorite movies got some much needed praise and recognition.

Grand Budapest 2

Best Picture:

American Sniper





The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Imitation Game

The Theory of Everything


Will Win: Boyhood

Should Win: Birdman or Selma


The majority of these choices are the predictable variety, but easily the biggest surprise is The Grand Budapest Hotel‘s nomination. This was a movie that was released in the early half of 2014, and the fact that the Academy is acknowledging is definitely a treat to see. Interestingly Into The Woods and Gone Girl are both missing from the list, which knowing that the Academy allows for upwards to 10 nominees in this category (last time I checked), definitely means those two didn’t have too good of an Oscar campaign.

As for the winners, I’m really hoping for Birdman or Selma to take the top prize. They have showcased high achievements in their craft, and deserve all the praise. Birdman is one of those movies that’ll be remembered for years to come for its skill and storytelling, while Selma is a film that defines our current times and, because it is directed by a woman (more on that later), it’d be great to have it sit next to Katherine Bigelow’s Hurt Locker in the Best Picture “shelf”.


Best Actor:

Steve Carell – Foxcatcher

Bradley Cooper – American Sniper

Benedict Cumberbatch – The Imitation Game

Michael Keaton – Birdman

Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything


Who Will Win: Eddie Redmayne

Who Should Win: Michael Keaton


In terms of nominations, none of these are really surprising. Many of the critics predicted these names long, long ago. But there are definitely some very obvious performances missing here. First off, David Oyelowo from Selma is one of the biggest errors in this year’s nominations. The man is one of the best actors in the business, and the fact that he’s been yet again overlooked by the Academy is really frustrating. The same could be said for Chadwick Boseman’s performance in Get On Up, which though it didn’t have a chance, would have been a nice surprise to see here on the list.

As for the winners, it’s obviously a tight race between Keaton and Redmayne. They both delivered fantastic portrayals of their characters, and easily scream “Oscar bait”. Personally, I’m hoping for Keaton to take the prize. He is one of the most underrated actors of his generation, and the fact that it’s taken this long for the industry to realize that is a shame. He clearly was giving his heart and soul in Birdman, and I believe the Academy should reward that. But, as per the traditions of these things, Redmayne will probably take it because, though he’s talented, he’s playing a disabled individual – boom, Oscar win.


Best Actress:

Marion Cotillard – Two Days, One Night

Felicity Jones – The Theory of Everything

Julianne Moore – Still Alice

Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl

Reese Witherspoon – Wild


Who Will Win: Julianne Moore

Who Should Win: Rosamund Pike


This easily is the most boring and basic of all the categories this year. None of these nominations are interesting, and they reek of the predictable, dramatic, usual Oscar favorites. Interestingly, Amy Adams (who awkwardly won Best Actress for Big Eyes at the Golden Globes this past weekend) is absent from the list. Along with Emily Blunt and Jennifer Aniston, it seems the Academy has chosen to go with the easy picks rather than the truly dynamic and complex performances this year.

When it comes to the winners, I’m going with the popular choices. To be honest, neither of these performances really are that remarkable. They’re fine and have their moments, but I thought there were much better ones that should have been listed in this category.


Best Supporting Actor:

Edward Norton – Birdman

Ethan Hawke – Boyhood

Mark Ruffalo – Foxcatcher

J.K. Simmons – Whiplash

Robert Duvall – The Judge


Who Will Win: J. K. Simmons

Who Should Win: Edward Norton or J.K. Simmons


OKAY,  real talk – can someone please tell me exactly why Robert Duvall keeps getting nominations this year? The Judge was a “Lifetime quality” movie at best, and yet just because Duvall is considered one of the best actors in the world by many, he gets a nomination over someone else? Come on, Academy, this is ridiculous.

Otherwise this is yet again another by the books list. I’m really happy though to see J.K. Simmons get nominated here, as I think he clearly deserves the prize whenever he gets the chance. Norton also was fantastic in Birdman, and played into his celebrity persona very well.


Best Supporting Actress:

Patricia Arquette – Boyhood

Laura Dern – Wild

Keira Knightley – The Imitation Game

Emma Stone – Birdman

Meryl Streep – Into The Woods


Who Will Win: Patricia Arquette

Who Should Win: Meryl Streep


Ah, look, variety (in terms of genre, I mean.) Here we have a great selection of both dramatic and comedic performances, something the majority of the other categories are really missing this year (among other things.) The biggest surprise here is Laura Dern in Wild, which seems to be forgotten by the majority of the other award shows.

Though Arquette will most likely take the prize, I’m really hoping for Streep to win some more gold. This is one of my favorite performances she’s ever done, and I really feel she knocked it out of the park, singing and acting combined.


Best Animated Film:

Big Hero 6

The Boxtrolls

How To Train Your Dragon 2

The Song of the Sea

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya


Who Will Win: How To Train Your Dragon 2

Who Should Win: The Song of the Sea


Nice to see some international flare in this category. Though many will be disappointed by Lego Movie and Book of Life not being listed, I think what took their place clearly are the more interesting choices. Both Song of the Sea and Princess Kaguya came out of no where, especially considering the Golden Globes gave them absolutely no acknowledgement.

Who will win? I definitely say Dragon has a chance, considering its win at the Golden Globes. But in terms of craft and recognition, Song of the Sea deserves it, hands down. This is a film made in an old school manner, and took the team almost 5 years to make. Give them the gold, Academy!


Best Directing:




The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Imitation Game


Who Will Win: Boyhood

Who Should Win: Birdman


Out of all the categories, this is the one that truly feels lacking in terms of its choices. First off, Selma is missing from this, and considering it is one of the only films this year that was directed by a woman (brilliantly, mind you) it should have easily been on this list. And, spoiler alert, the nominations on here are all (mostly) white men. Keep staying classy, Academy voters.


Best Original Song:

Lost Stars from Begin Again

I’m Not Gonna Miss You from Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me

Grateful from Beyond The Lights

Glory from Selma

Everything is Awesome from The LEGO Movie


Who Will Win: Glory from Selma

Who Should Win: Lost Stars from Begin Again


And here, in the opposite side of the spectrum, is the most interesting category this year. Fixing the errors that the Golden Globes did with the same nominations slot, the Academy finally gave some deserved recognition to The Lego Movie, for their fantastic theme song.

But the one that I really hope secretly steels it from frontrunner Selma’s hands is “Lost Stars” from Begin Again. This is one of the best songs I heard in general last year, and held such a connection with me, that for weeks I couldn’t stop listening to it. To this day I play this entire movie’s soundtrack a multitude of times, and never stop hearing it in my head. Though it is definitely the underdog, I hope this or “Everything is Awesome” takes the prize.

Overall Thoughts:

It’s a shame that compared to the amazing, diverse year that was the 2014 Academy Awards, the 2015 Oscars feels ever so safe and boring. Though many of the nominees are much more interesting than those of the Golden Globes, at least the Globes gave a much  rounder representation of the crop that needed to be recognized this year. The Oscars instead feel, yet again, like the traditional “White Boys Only” club it has felt since the first awards ceremony took place. Even the actresses recognized are the typical, crying, ridiculously over the top performances we’ve grown to yawn at during the awards season.

Where is the diversity? Where is the praise for films like Selma? Come on, Academy, you can do better than this.

If you’re interested in reading about the other nominations, check the link here. Do you agree with the thoughts above? Who do you feel was snubbed? Comment below with your thoughts!

Watching the Oscars? Make sure to stick to The Daily Geekette on both here and on Twitter for LIVE coverage of the event, beginning on February 22nd at 7pm. We can’t wait to see the Red Carpet action, and what host Neil Patrick Harris has up his sleeve! See you at the show!



One thought on “Oscars 2015 Nominations – The Good, The Bad and the Underappreciated

  1. Song of the Sea took 5 years?
    The Tale of Princess Kaguya took 8 years, also made frame by frame, hand drawn with ink and watercolor. If you asked me, The Tale of Princess Kaguya wins out of all of them in terms of just animation. Story wise…it’s up in the air. Especially since The Song of the Sea isn’t even out yet for the public to view.

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