‘No Place for Any of Us’: Age of Ultron Trailer 2

“This vulnerable world needs something more powerful than any of us.”

It’s not as catchy or menacing as Ultron’s “there are no strings on me,” but hey, it gets the point across. Even though any AoU release is going to rouse excitement, this trailer dropped like a feather pillow rather than the ton of bricks that trailer #1 did. In-between shots of terrified civilians running for their lives, we get Hawkeye arm porn, which is apparently so scandalous since the next time we see him he’s all covered up in practical gear. Not sure why, considering he’s chillaxing in the forest while things explode. Other highlights include Hulk playing soccer with a cop car, some frightening peeks at Natasha’s backstory, Andy Serkis doing who the hell knows what, lots of car damage, Black Widow hair porn, and HULKBUSTER ARMOR IN ALL ITS GLORY. *cue fan drooling* It’s a nice change from the last trailer where we saw Hulk giving it a beatdown.

Some of the footage is similar, albeit in a different order, but the new stuff does raise a few questions:

  1. Who’s stripping?
  2. Maybe I’m late to the game but I’m noticing Cap’s uniform has the Avengers A on it now – who designed the new suit? ‘Cause it sure wasn’t “I’m-Dead-But-Secretly-Director-Of-SHIELD” Coulson.
  3. SURGICAL TOOLS ARE NEVER A GOOD THING – is that young Natasha? Clips from the previous trailer suggested Black Widow backstory, but this is the first real glimpse at younger Nat. I’m guessing the surgery is Red Room operations/how she was “unmade” as referenced in the first Avengers. The more I watch the trailer the more her “We have no place in the world” freaks me out.
  4. Is the Hulk under somebody else’s influence or does he just have a case of pink-eye? hulkpinkeyeIf he is “under the influence”, it probably has something to do with the red gas the crowd is running from at the beginning. But what does it do?
  5. How much do you have to get paid to get your name put BEFORE the title of the movie? Do the zeroes just trail off the paycheck or what, Downey?
  6. Seriously, who was stripping?!

I’m disappointed by the lack of Spader voice in this one. More James Spader, always. But while we wait for May 1st, can anyone answer my questions? Throw a wacky theory my way!


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