Read With Me: Jane Eyre Edition

Me with my mom's beautiful edition of Jane Eyre
Me with my mom’s beautiful edition of Jane Eyre

I have decided that for the month of January, I will be reading Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre for the first time ever.  I feel like as the editor of books for a feminist website, I am a slacker for not having read this already, so I’m really excited for this to finally happen!

What I would like more than anything else in the world is for our readers to read along with me!

I’m going to read a certain number of chapters each week, and post my thoughts on them every Monday at 10:30am.  I’m hoping that you will read with me, even if you’ve already read the book, and have a discussion with me in the comments as I read.

My schedule will be as follows:

  • For Jan. 5, 2015:  Up to ch. 10
  • For Jan. 12, 2015:  Up to ch. 20
  • For Jan. 19, 2015: Up to ch. 30
  • For Jan. 26, 2015:  Finishing the book

jane_eyre_titleJane Eyre is considered the “strongest female protagonist” of all time, compared with every book ever written, and I am so excited to see why.  Surprisingly, as an English major, I never encountered many spoilers about this book.  I know there is something to do with a secret wife in the attic and that this is a grand romance, but other than that, I have no idea what the plot is, what Jane is like as a human being, or what Charlotte Brontë’s writing is like (although I did visit the grave of one of her sisters while I was in England).

I’m very excited not only to learn about this book, but this time period, which is one of my favorites.

I hope you join me in reading this book!

Let me know in the comments if you’re considering participating in my January literary quest!!!!


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