Best Movies to See Holiday Break 2014 – Girl Power Edition

So, you’re most likely experiencing something you’ve looked forward to all year: Winter Break. Though not as exciting as the MTV styled Spring Break, the winter vacation from school or work offers something equally as awesome (in my Geekette opinion): New Movies. The cinemas are packed with tons of diverse choices for every moviegoer out there, and we here at DG wanna recommend the best of the best, from the major releases to the indie flicks. If you’re looking for a small distraction from the gift exchanges and eggnog, here are some cinematic possibilities…

Into The Woods


Well, duh, of course I was gonna put Into The Woods on the list. The holiday season is the perfect time to see movie musicals, especially enchanting ones about fairy tales gone into a more twisted and interesting direction. With the timeless music of Sondheim and the award winning direction of Rob Marshall, you can’t go wrong on that alone – but add Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick and the adorable Chris Pine, you got yourself something special.

Song of the Sea


A couple of years ago, I got to interview Tomm Moore, director of the award winning film The Secret of Kells. He told me that he was working on a new project, which is the one that is now showing in theaters, and by all hopes will get just as much love and respect as Kells did. Moore is a genius at telling stories of young girls in beautiful, larger than life adventures, similar to Miyazaki. Full of magic and intensity, Song of the Sea is definitely one of the top international films to watch out for – animated or otherwise.

Big Eyes


As much as I appreciate his wacky side, I actually love more of Tim Burton’s work that takes place in reality. Maybe it’s to see if he can pull off such a challenge, or to see the artistic risks he takes, but Big Eyes seems to be another successful use of Burton’s talents. Telling the true life story of artist Margaret Keane and the roller coaster that was her marriage can be pretty risky, but I think Burton, when grounded, can definitely handle the material correctly. And when you cast Amy Adams as the lead, and Christoph Waltz as the bad guy, there can be nothing short of brilliance by the end.



I’ve had a bit of a hidden love for character studies. I love when a film completely focuses on the emotional arc of one individual, rather than devoting not enough time to an ensemble. So with that in mind, and my secret love for Reese Witherspoon, Wild is right up my alley. In addition, the movie’s cast also stars Laura Dern, which automatically makes me interested (because the Dern is always good.) Hiking away your life issues? Sounds like the kind of Oscar bait I’m willing to invest in.

So those are just a few choices from what is available this weekend! What are you seeing this weekend readers? Comment below and tell us your movies of choice, and if you’ve seen any of the films above, tell us your thoughts as well.

Happy Holiday Movie Watching!


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