Theater Thursday – 5 Shows You Have To See This Holiday Break

It has arrived. The Christmas/Holiday week of epicness, where the majority of tri-state residents (and more) will come upon the streets of Time Square and spend their hard earned treat money on a Broadway show. If you’re one of the many visitors that will be asking the TKTs people which of the many shows to see, hopefully this little list will help you decide.

Side Show

If you hadn’t gathered from my review a few weeks ago, Side Show is seriously an incredible piece of theater. The true life story of the Hilton twins from the film Freaks is brought to life beautifully here – the songs are stunning, the story haunting, and the ensemble is perfection. Unfortunately, the show will be closing January 4th, which doubly means you need to snatch a ticket ASAP.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch


You know what is an awesome show that won a Tony this year? Hedwig and the Angry Inch. In fact, it’s one of the most unique shows going on right now on the Great White Way. A play that is formatted as if it was a rock concert, Hedwig is as insane as they come, but by the end, becomes one of the most heartwarming and beautiful character pieces to ever be produced. And the best part? If you see it now, you’ll get to catch Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall, as the leading lady (yes, you heard that right). Also, the incredible Lena Hall is still in the production, and trust me, she’s worth every penny.



Need some romance in your musicals? Look no further than the odd, yet charming, Once. Based on the Oscar winning movie (for Best Song), Once tells the story of Guy and Girl meeting, and all the craziness that happens in between. It’s weird, humorous, and beautiful, making it definitely one to catch before it closes January 4th. Pro tip: This is one of the few shows that allows you to walk on the stage prior to the performance. You get a great musical and an interactive experience all in one go!? You definitely need to add this to your list.

On The Town


One of the best revivals to come out in 2014 is also definitely one to get you in the New York spirit. On The Town is a fantastic representation of classic musical theater ala the 1940s, with odd ball characters and stunning ballet choreography, you really can’t go wrong here. And, did I mention Alysha Umphress is in this? Um, seriously, do I really need to say more!? She’s worth the price of admission alone, especially to hear her belt out “I Can Cook, Too.”


Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 12.57.47 PM

Another revival that deserves mentioning is Cabaret, the immortal Kander and Ebb show about World War II Germany, that never loses its charms. Now currently starring Emma Stone and the incredible Alan Cumming, there is truly no reason to miss this production. It’s got one of the best scores of Broadway history, and even with its truly disturbing subject matter, it continues to leave an impact on audiences to this day. And if you know what’s good for you, it’ll leave that same kind of experience on your mind for some time.

So those are just a few of the many shows going on right now that I recommend. Which shows are you planning to see this holiday season? Let us know which, and if you were able to score a ticket to Wicked or Book of Mormon, you have my total respect. 


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