Dalin’s Simulcast Corner – Christmas Edition


Over here in Simulcast Corner land, we’re getting ready for the holidays. Finishing the wrapping on the presents, and deciding just how many Totoro ornaments we can put on the tree, all we can think about is the awesomeness that will occur on December 25th. To get yourself pumped for the big day, here are some awesome Christmas related anime to check out. So grab your limited edition box of Holiday Pocky, and get ready for a whole lot of Merry Cheer!

Christmas Movie: Tokyo Godfathers


One movie that always represents Christmas spirit in the best way possible is Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers. Telling the story of three lonely individuals coming together to rescue an orphaned baby is not exactly the most unique story ever, but in its execution and animation, there’s nothing quite like it (which is the case for most of Kon’s work.) If you want something that’ll tug at your heart strings and funny bone with ease, Tokyo Godfathers still remains one of the greats that never goes out of style.

Magical Girl Christmas: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch


Whenever humanly possible, I love to bring up my love for Mermaid Melody. Its one of the cutest concepts in Magical Girl history (a Little Mermaid twist of sorts) and has some of the most fun themed episodes in the genre. That definitely includes two of their Christmas themed adventures, specifically one called “A Christmas Present,” which you can get a hint what that’s about. It lives up to the adorable quality that the show kept up for the many years it lasted, and is definitely a good one for Mahou Shoujo fans to check out.

Cutest Christmas Special: Hamtaro


Is there really any explanation needed for why this is cute? Its Hamtaro y’all! Though we can’t speak too deeply about the “thought provoking” aspects of the series (since there were none), there is never any doubt that this kids show offered some of the most precious of themed episodes, including its Christmas special. Though, as is true for almost every episode of the series, the plot doesn’t matter. Instead the focus should be the on the Ham-Hams being ridiculously precious, as they always have been and will be.

Funniest Christmas Special: Azumanga Daioh

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.11.08 PM

In all honesty, comedic anime has never really been my thing. But there is one series that I consider an exception – Azumanga Daioh. No matter which episode, the content is still on point and hits you right in the funny bone every time, and that can be said doubly about the Christmas special. Though it isn’t filled with specific moments about the holiday throughout, the tiny ones that do speak on the subject are comedy gold – particularly the image above ( which I will not spoil).

And those are just a few examples of Christmas themed anime. What are your favorite anime related Christmas specials? Comment below with your thoughts and suggestions. 

PS: Simulcast Corner will return to full time reviews in January, when the new Winter anime begins streaming!


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