Night 4 of Daily Geekette’s Hanuka Celebration

imageTonight, the geeky wins out over the courageous. I’ve got a character who is so passionate about her love of musical theater, it’s hard to be friends with her if you don’t also love theater. She IS courageous in her ability to follow her heart, even though it may take patience and risks.

Guessed it yet?

Rachel Berry

imageIf you’re thinking “Glee?! What is a character from Glee doing on this website? No one on the show is geeky!” well Rachel Berry is. Theater geek is definitely a subset of geek culture, and a very popular one at that.

Rachel is pretty courageous in her ability to stand up for herself and her friends. She’s not willing to settle for the status quo. Rachel Berry does not accept defeat, even if it means accepting ridicule from her classmates. She does not take days off from school when she gets a slushie tossed in her face. She’s above it all, and that’s awesome.

In the new season (it would appear) her new television show is not happening so she’s bravely taking the initiative to stand up to Sue and get the glee club back.

Honestly, I think it takes quite a bit of courage to even stand on a stage, let alone belt my heart out like she does. I think that merits so much respect. This is a character that seems to never get flustered by getting up and singing.

Happy Night 4!


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