Night 3 of Daily Geekette’s Hanukkah Celebration

imageGenerally, when people think of Jewish comic book characters, they immediately think of Magneto, but he’s not the only mutant who is one of the chosen people. I do think that characters being Jewish mutants is a bit of a redundancy, as mutants in the X-Men series are a metaphor for many of the trials faced by the Jewish people, but as their history is a warped version of ours, the Holocaust still happened, but was even worse for the Jewish mutants such as Erik.

My favorite X-Men, in no small part because she’s Jewish, is…

Kitty Pryde

imageKitty Pryde, in the X-Men films is played by Ellen Page, and is definitely not the same character as the Kitty in the books, though just as courageous, if not more so. In Days of Future Past, Kitty (whose powers as far as we’d seen prior to this film were to walk through walls) is responsible for mentally projecting Logan back in time in order to fix the continuity errors… I mean apocalypse. She is what makes that movie happen. And she shows courage every step of the way. As the small band of X-Men are being attacked, she must stay connected to Logan at all costs, a true testament to her strength and power to concentrate.

Kitty in the comics is way cooler than movie Kitty. She has a dragon. If you ask me, it doesn’t get much more awesome than that. Kitty and Lockheed are mentally connected, and make one hell of a team.

I admire Kitty’s courage because she is pretty ordinary in every sense except her ability to pass through solid matter. That means that her intelligence and fighting skills are hers alone, and she pretty much kicks a lot of butt.

Happy Night 3! Kick some butt like Kitty!!!

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