Night 2 of Daily Geekette’s Chanukah Celebration

imageDinah Shore, Goldie Hawn (half), Ann Landers, and Dear Abby might sound familiar to you. That’s because they’re the women Adam Sandler mentions in the original Hanukah song. That’s less than half of the number of men he mentions.

That being the case, I bring you Night 2’s courageous geeky Jew:

Natalie Portman

imageWhile Natalie Portman is not geeky in a “reads comic books and plays D&D” sense, she is definitely still a geek. She has appeared in geeky roles such as Queen Amidala in Star Wars and Evie Hammond in V for Vendetta. It also cannot be ignored that she took a break from acting to attend college. Harvard.

I have unlimited quantities of respect for Portman, and I think she has made extremely courageous choices over the course of her career, the biggest being taking a break from acting to attend college, something Emma Watson is also in the process of doing. With acting being such a competitive industry, this is a courageous act because it would have been so easy for her to have been forgotten. Lucky for everyone though, she was not!

imageJudge me all you want, but I also think Portman is incredibly courageous for shaving her head for V for Vendetta. So much of identity for women comes from style and appearance, and a good deal of that is through hair styling. Not only did she look amazing with no hair, but she looked confident.

Interestingly, when doing some research on her, I found a quote saying Natalie Portman will not play a Jewish character, mostly because there are none to be found outside of Holocaust films.

As a Jewish woman, Natalie Portman is a great role model, and is definitely a courageous woman at that. She inspires not just Jewish women, but everyone to be their best.


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