Night 1 of Daily Geekette’s Hanukah Celebration

Hanukah night 1The original story of Hanukah is about men who fight other men to defend the Jewish way of life. One theme of this holiday that is talked about repeatedly is courage.

A small band of men stood up to a well prepared, well equipped army and won. That takes a lot of courage. The Jewish people have consistently been courageous throughout history. There are tattooed people and tattooed Torahs to prove that.

When I googled lists of famous Jewish people in works of fiction, most of the lists were filled with men.

However, the courageous, geeky, Jewish women are out there, fictional and real, and I’ve picked my 8 favorites to share.

Willow Rosenberg

IMG_2002Willow, from the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer is many a fan’s favorite character. She started out as a really sheepish character, and gained bucket-loads of confidence and comfortability over the course of the show.

I picked Willow for Night 1 because like some of our staff, she is a Jew who also practices pagan rituals as well. I’ve always thought that was a cool concept, but to see a handful of people live it and have to defend it, I realized that it takes strength.

imageWillow isn’t just courageous in that she’s a pretty scrawny kid fighting demons. In her personal life, through her friendship with Buffy, she learned to take risks. Willow is consistently standing up for what she believes in. One of my favorite Willow moments is when she has to pretend to be Vampire Willow. Not only is it funny, but it’s a testament to the courage that Willow acquires through her strong relationships.

Willow’s appearance shows the changes she went through as well.  Her clothes got less childish, with help from Buffy, her hair got more daring, and her overall style and posture improve. Two notable Willow style moments are when she becomes a ghost on Halloween in clothes Buffy put her in and the musical episode, Once More With Feeling. Willow as a ghost is in clothes that are very revealing and while she’s at first uncomfortable, she is eventually able to realize there are things more important than the clothes, but that bold dress doesn’t hurt. Musical Willow’s outfit is awesome because it’s kind of the renaissance equivalent of steampunk, renaissance with a modern twist, and it shows just how far she had come since high school. It’s also a style I really wish had caught on.


Is Willow your favorite courageous, geeky, Jewish woman, or is there someone else you’re looking forward to reading about? Let me know in the comments, and Happy Night 1!


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