Normally, I hate when my favorite shows get turned into movies. Rent sucked, Phantom was pretty bad, and let’s not even talk about Nine. While Into the Woods looks promising, the jury is still out.

The idea of a Last Five Years movie freaked me out at first. Of all the musicals ever written, this one!?! I figured this was an impossibility and was going to be a train wreck.

However, this trailer makes me exorbitantly happy.

When Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan got announced as Cathy and Jamie, I swooned. Anna Kendrick is probably the only woman famous enough to not have to sound identical to Sherrie Renee Scott. I am more than excited to hear what she does with the role. The trailer alone gave me chills from how well both actors belted their hearts out. The raw emotions are there.

The clip of “I Can Do Better Than That” that was released a while ago showed how well they’re finagling these solo vignettes into one cohesive film, and the trailer just confirmed that even though dialogue has been added, the songs will stay solos (except the one duet meant to be a duet).

I think dialogue is necessary. Say what you will, but an “average” moviegoer is not going to get this movie without the addition of music-less words.

What really sold me on this movie? JASON ROBERT BROWN APPEARS IN THE TRAILER.

He is a picky perfectionist, and if he’s willing to appear in the film, I’m taking it as a seal of approval.

Not sure why Anna Kendrick doesn’t look like herself? I thought it might have been age makeup but there’s no reason for her to have been aged while singing that song. Curious.

What do you think? Excited? Still hesitant? Let me know in the comments!


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