Geekette Holiday Gift Guide

With the winter holidays coming up (not to mention all those like myself who have birthdays this time of year), there are plenty of opportunities for gift-giving in the coming weeks, so the staff of the Daily Geekette decided to share some of our picks for geeky gifts you can give. Some of these are items that Geekettes have given or received as gifts, and some of them are just things that we thought looked awesome. We’ve sorted our recommendations into different categories to help you find just the right for your fellow Geekette. Enjoy!


Fantasy Lovers

“Stick ‘Em With The Pointy End” Arya Stark Poster – $13.98

Harry Potter House Ring – $24.99

LOTR One Ring scarf – $37.50

Science-y Geekettes

Schrödinger’s Cat Earrings – $19.99

Pluto R.I.P. T-Shirt – $24.99

Retro Periodic Table of Elements Print – $32+ (depends on size)

Literary Ladies*

(*and Geekettes who might not identify as ladies)

Mr. Darcy Proposal Mug – $16

Great Gatsby Cufflinks – $21

Alice in Wonderland “Drink Me” Patch – $9

Comic Book Queens

Guardians of the Galaxy Lunchbox – $14.99

Wonder Woman Kitchenaid Decal Kit – $15.99

Marvel Comic Infinity Scarf – $22

Gaming Geekettes

Minecraft Propaganda Poster – $12.50

Dice and Dragons Necktie – $24

Assassin’s Creed Bottle Opener Ring – $29

Space Explorers

Doctor Who Nail Decals – $4

Knitted Star Wars R2-D2 Fingerless Gloves – $40

Leaf on the Wind Serenity Key-Chain Pendant – $14.99

Animated Adventurers

Adventure Time USB – $19.99

Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon) T-shirt – $30

Princess Mononoke poster set – $22

General Geekiness

Karen Hallion’s Etsy Store – She’s the originator of the Doctor Who/Disney crossovers, and does a lot of other geeky artwork, so we couldn’t pick just one thing!

Heart Felt Design – Geeky pillows ranging in price from $20-34

Frostbeard Studios – Handcrafted soy candles with scents to go along with all your favorite geeky books, shows, and movies

Big Spenders

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Scarf – $100

Custom Order Comic Book Shoes – $100


What’s your favorite geeky gift that you’ve ever given or received? Share with us in the comments!


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