Death and Thessaly: “Sandman” Movie Rumors

1936561There is a rumor floating around that Warner Brothers has a movie in the works based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novels.  There really isn’t much concrete, just a confirmation that there is a draft of a script, which the studio approves of.  At this point no speculation on casting choices, potential directors or release dates are available.  Still, this rumor is both thrilling and sort of devastating.

Sandman was my initiation into the world of comics as a teenager.  When I discovered it by accident, it showed me the potential for comics to explore myth, to personify human desires and fears, and actually resonate on a very personal level.  I have a deep love for these comics and their characters, which makes the thought of seeing them on the big screen thrilling.  Still, there’s also the incredible potential for a movie to be dreadful in an epic way.

There are two characters in particular I’m partial to and hope that Hollywood gets right: Death and Thessaly.  There are of course a host of minor characters that I love, but these two were important enough to spawn their own series after Sandman sort of finished up.

Thessaly has always been a personal favorite of mine.  She’s smart, resourceful, tough, Thessalysometimes kind of mean, and also sort of geek, at least I always thought of her that way.  She’s the sort of character I would want to be if I were trapped in a comic book; at least I hope I would be able to be as independent and resourceful as she is.  She also manages to run around and do battle with gods and monsters while dressed like a librarian which is a nice departure from some of the less realistic costumes out there.

Then, of course, there’s Death.  I think she was a lot of Death_(DC_Comics)people’s favorite character.  She was generally as interesting as her brother Morpheus, the title character, and usually a lot nicer.  She also tended to be something of a moral compass which was sort of unexpected from the personification of everyone’s greatest fear.

Sandman featured a lot of awesome characters that explore the different aspects of the human experience.  I always appreciated the depth and variety of the women in this comic series.  There are just as many female characters as male and they’re just as unique and varied.  I hope that a film version stays true to that.  Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this potential film release.

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