Dalin’s Simulcast Corner – Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Ah yes, December is here. What’s a girl to do? Why cuddle up to some anime, of course! It’s totally the perfect time to find some old or new titles to devour during the chilling winter season. From small easy-to-digest series, to movies, and some lengthy shows in between, here is a couple of suggestions to keep you sane during those snowed in days. 

Millennium Actress


Though this isn’t specifically a winter or Christmas movie, Millennium Actress has much of its crucial plot points accruing in the snow times. And because this is my favorite anime film of all time, I will preach its flawlessness till the day I die. Telling the fictional story of an aging actress and her lost love, this under-appreciated Satoshi Kon masterpiece showcases every emotion humanly possible, specifically both comedy and true sadness. It’s beautiful, it’s touching, just watch it.

Sailor Moon S – The Movie: Hearts on Ice


YES, I worked Sailor Moon into this post! All kidding aside, this is my favorite of the Moon flicks, mainly for three reasons: All the stunning winter imagery, Luna getting some time in the spotlight, oh and yeah – the gif from above is an actual scene from the movie. How does it happen? What is the point? Who knows, but clearly this needs to be on your winter watching list.

Kanon (Franchise)

Kanon: Visual Memories

Looking to have some incredible feels this season? Well look no further than Kanon, considered to be one of the most emotional and gut-wrenching series of all time. The story involves protagonist Yuichi Aizawa, who returns to his home town where he slowly rediscovers the memories of his youth, including his past loves and everything in between. Will it break your heart? Yep. Will it leave you warm and fuzzy at times? Definitely, and it will most likely work better than a cup of hot coco.

Card Captor Sakura


My favorite CLAMP series just also happens to feature a couple of really great winter related episodes, so I feel Card Captor Sakura is always a good pick. Running upwards to 80 + episodes, this show never gets old, even as it slowly approaches its 20th anniversary (#Ifeelsoold). The story of Sakura Kinomoto and her adventures capturing the Clow Cards is so precious, especially when rediscovering all her costumes – one for each card she gets! If you’re looking for a specific episode to get you in the winter mood, check out episode 36, where Sakura captures a certain “chilling” card.

Those are just a few suggestions! What anime do you watch during the winter? Do you look for something with a snowy theme or do you try to avoid even thinking about the current season? Comment below with your thoughts and suggestions!


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