It’s Cyborg Monday!

imageIf you’ve got no idea what I’m writing about, it’s got to do with The Lunar Chronicles, a series of retold fairy tales set in the future. Cinder is a cyborg who loses more than her shoe at the ball, Scarlet’s big bad wolf may or may not have some genetic modifications, and Cress is not in a tower, but a space station orbiting earth. This series is fun and has an awesome fan base, and you should read it.

If you follow The Lunar Chronicles, you are going to be having a very good day today. It’s Cyborg Monday, the day when Marissa Meyer unlocks something new and shiny for her fans. This year, she’s releasing the first chapter of Fairest, the fourth book in the series, among other things.

You can download one of these too!

If you go to The Lunar Chronicles website, you can unlock desktop wallpaper, find out Marissa Meyer’s tour schedule and read various exciting sections of Fairest. What’s really cool is that you can be a Lunar and see what you’d look like glamoured. If you’re already a fan of The Lunar Chronicles on Facebook and other social media outlets,  you’re already very close to unlocking cool things.

I’m not sure whether or not I want to read a chapter of Fairest, I generally like to read a book from start to finish and not drive myself crazy with spoilers, but I am very excited for this book, and may succumb to temptation before the end of the day.

I shall unlock all the secrets!
I shall unlock all the secrets!

It makes me really happy that Marissa Meyer does this every year. It’s one thing to interact with your fans, it’s another thing entirely to give them a really cool interactive day. She recognizes that her fans support her, and she supports her fans. I feel like after The Hunger Games ended, YA lit hasn’t really had a fandom to latch on to.  Sure TFIOS is great, but are bookstores going to have a midnight release for John Green’s next book where people are cosplaying Alaska and Hazel? Probably not. Meyer gives me hope for YA. Maybe Fairest won’t have a midnight release, but hey, people are excited about this book and this series. I don’t think we’ll ever reach Harry Potter hype levels again, but The Lunar Chronicles are on their way there.

And! If you think Cyborg Monday is great, GET THIS. Marissa Meyer has Ship Weeks coming up. You can, with the author’s blessing, spend a whole week praising your ship. It is awesome.


Who’s read chapter 1 of Fairest? Was it worth the wait? Let me know in the comments!


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