Thanksgiving Day Trailers – Battle Of The Movies

Here it is, the weekend that could define your Summer/Winter 2015 experience. We have dinosaurs, fairies, and Millennium Falcons. Who will win the war of the trailers this holiday season? You must decide. Below are the chosen few who have entered the arena this year, and may the odds be ever in their cinematic favor.

Jurassic World

Ah yes, the dinos. The once feared creatures of many 90’s kids has returned, but with some new tricks. Remember how Sam Neil and company never wanted to return to the island? LOL, that’s a thing of the past, folks. This time, everyone is excited to attend a new theme park called Jurassic World, in which dinosaurs are attractions. But of course, as with anything related to the Jurassic franchise, something must go wrong, and this time it has to do with splicing. Could this be yet another weak entry in the series? Possibly, but it has Chris Pratt riding on a motorcycle with raptors following him – it can’t be all that bad, right?


Incase you weren’t tired of Peter Pan, here’s yet another film incarnation of the boy who never grew up. This time though, we are told a new “backstory,” in which Hook (Garrett Hedlund) lacks a mustache or missing hand, and is instead dressing up like Indiana Jones. Our villain this time around is Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard, who seems to more closely resemble the Hook stereotypes…. basically this movie seems really confusing. What’s fantastic here though is most of the casting (minus Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily #wheremynativeamericangirlsat), and the distinct style of director Joe Wright. Let’s just hope this movie doesn’t fall into the similar faults of other cinematic Pan adventures.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

So yeah, this trailer isn’t actually released at the time I am writing this. It will supposedly premiere on iTunes Trailers (here) this morning at around 10:15am, or you can catch it in one of 33 theaters (listed here) to see it on the big screen. Will it be good? Gosh I hope so. The film has a lot riding on it, and it could be the beginning of a brand new Star Wars world, or it could keep the franchise in its awkward slump that the prequels left it in. Either way, you know you wanna see it, especially to find out who the heck Lupita Nyong’o is playing.

So who is winning at the trailer game? Clearly, its up to your personal perspective. I think its definitely a tie between Star Wars and Jurassic World, but who am I to judge. Leave your comments below with your fan thoughts! 

And yes, I’ll update with my specific thoughts on the Star Wars trailer when I can.



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