Dalin’s Favorite Music Related Moments in Film


Ah yes, it is here – the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2. Did you love it? Cause I sure did! In celebration of said trailer (which you can see here) I thought it would be perfect to look at some other flicks that showcased some tunes to the world of cinema. Keep in mind these aren’t “Movie Musicals” were speaking of specifically, but movies where the music had a really awesome and important part to play. So grab your headphones, and begin to tap your feet, here are some of my personal favorite music moments in film!

“Old Souls” from The Phantom of the Paradise

So, of course, I had to include a clip from my favorite movie in this little list. Jessica Harper gives a stunning performance here (especially since this was her first movie!) Playing star on the rise Phoenix is no easy task, and neither was it a breeze for (my favorite songwriter) Paul Williams to complete this tune – since it was inspired by the passing of his mother! Eek! But with all the hardship, it turned out to be one of the most simple and stunning musical performances set to film and remains my favorite song from the entire movie.

“I’m Going To Go Back There Someday” from The Muppet Movie

Speaking of Mr. Williams, here’s another one of my favorite songs he’s ever written, which happens to be in the first cinematic Muppet adventure! This one is another sad piece, that sort of comes out of nowhere, but really gets me every time. Maybe it’s the emotion coming from Gonzo’s (Dave Goelz) voice, or just the simplicity of the piece, but nothing will ever change my love for this 3-minute bit of Muppet perfection.

“Here’s Where I Stand” from Camp

If there was ever one movie I would say is 100 percent under appreciated, it is the indie “musical” flick, Camp. Starring many soon-to-be-famous talents (including Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect), the movie told the story of a group of kids and their lives at a theater summer camp. It’s silly, romantic, and all together one big emotional roller coaster, particularly in this one scene where Jenna (a girl who had her jaw shut during the entire course of the film) finally gets to sing. Nikki Taylor does a fantastic job here, and every little moment here is priceless.

“My Baby Just Cares For Me” from Everyone Says I Love You

One of the weirdest Woody Allen movies came out in the 90’s, by the name of Everyone Says I Love You. It’s a movie that is kind of a musical, and kind of a family comedy. Secretly, it doesn’t really have much focus – but who cares, because it has Edward Norton singing and dancing as he buys his girlfriend an engagement ring. It truly is one of the most incredibly adorable moments captured on film in Allen’s catalog, and has a lot of old school charm.

“Through With Love” from Some Like It Hot

Not a lot of people talk about Marilyn Monroe as a singer, but here is one of the few moments that I think the iconic actress deserves some major respect. Aside from looking stunning as always, Monroe here showcases so much emotion in her eyes and tone of voice, it seems she is about to cry at any second. Aided by the shots of Tony Curtis looking off in the distance, I can never seem to “be through” these scene, no matter how many times I see it.

“Don’t Write Me Off” from Music & Lyrics

The evidence in front of you showcases one of my favorite not-so-guilty pleasures, Music & Lyrics. It’s a very basic, run of the mill, romantic comedy, but because it was about aging 80’s pop idols and had Drew Barrymore in it, it has remained one of my silly favorites. Though the majority of the movie tries desperately to be funny and/or quirky, this is the moment that was just incredibly, without a doubt, romantic. It has also added to my fangirl girl dreams of running off with Jon Taylor from Duran Duran, but those fan fiction tales are for another time.

These are just a few of my favorites, what are your favorite music related movie moments? Are any of them from the original Pitch Perfect? Comment below with your top picks!


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