The Gal-lery: The Geekettes talk costumes!



In celebration of Halloween, this month’s Gal-lery is going to spotlight The Daily Geekette’s very own staff– I’m going to delve into their costume past and find out what sort of fancifully-garbed outlooks they have for future costumed endeavors!

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1. Do you have a favorite Halloween (or anytime) costume of all time?

Kayla: My favorite costume is my Steampunk Belle costume. I just feel more like me in it. 

Sarah: It’s probably a tie between when I was a pumpkin for my first halloween, and when I was a witch with a neon-yellow cast. Pretty epic.

Julia: One of my favorite of my past costumes was Mrs. Lovett, because her hair was super fun. And I got to play with fake blood and make a blood-stained apron for her.

Deanna: My favorite costume was my Volturi costume from Twilight.

Dalin:  My favorite costume was when I finished my Sakura Shinguiji from Sakura Taisen cosplay. I still have goals of pulling that bad boy out again and improving it.

Caitlin: My favorite costume was when I was a wizard in 4th grade (’98). My mom made me a cape that was black on one side and shiny gold on the other. But the reason it’s my favorite is because she did my hair with small pigtails that stood straight up and wove a gold ribbon through them so I was wearing a crown. 

2. What is the first Halloween costume you wore that you can remember?

Kayla: Not a Halloween costume, but I wore Belle’s blue dress to meet my sister for the first time when she was born. I was 5. Halloween costume, I’d have to say, my mom made me a dress matching Kirsten (the American Girl), bonnet and all. I think I was 7 or 8. 

Sarah: The first costume I actually remember picking out was Josie from Josie and the Pussycats. My friend dressed up as one of the other band members. We LOVED that movie!

Julia: I have very vague memories of my whole family dressing up as clowns

Carly: Same as Julia’s. We were clowns.

Deanna: The first costume that I remember was a Hershey Kiss .

Dalin: I was a Pink Power Ranger; clearly I was about girls kicking butt from the start.

Caitlin: I think the earliest costume I can remember was when my mom made my brother and me matching Native American outfits.

Brianna:  Although I think the year before I was a witch, the much more interesting early costume was when I was a dinosaur and I got to go to the high school with my older cousin (I was approximately 5 at the time). Because I’ve clearly always been on the search for the comfiest cosplay, I said I didn’t want to put makeup on my face to match my dinosaur suit. But vanity kicked in when all the teachers said “What a cute dragon!” and such and I was like “MAKE UP, NOW. I’M A DINOSAUR!”

Why the Avengers/Frozen mashup?

The Winter Soldier: in more ways than one.
The Winter Soldier: in more ways than one.

Sarah: My boyfriend [KC] and I saw a picture floating around the internet of Anna and Elsa dressed as Cap and Bucky — thus we decided, since we don’t look especially like Anna or Elsa, to do a full-on mashup.

If you had unlimited resources, what would your ultimate costume be?

Kayla: Right now, Elsa. My sister is making an Anna costume, but I’m too picky about fabrics to make a matching dress. With unlimited resources, I could custom design the perfect fabrics. Of all time, Belle’s yellow dress from the Broadway production. 

Sarah: Oh man. Don’t even get me STARTED. I have a HUGE list of costumes that I would love to do: Toothless and Hiccup from HTTYD (How to Train Your Dragon) (with the BF), Claire from Outlander, an epic Captain America, Ezio from Assassins Creed, Rocket from GOTG (Guardians of the Galaxy)…

Julia: If I had unlimited resources, I would make a more screen-accurate Blind Mag from Repo! The Genetic Opera, because I’m definitely struggling with the resources I have.

Carly: I think an Elizabeth Swan costume from one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies would be pretty cool.

Deanna: If I could do any costume I would do Caroline from Vampire Diaries (TV show not book) but in full Vampire form.

Dalin: It’s a toss between Oscar from Rose of Versailles and Belle’s White Gown from La Belle et La Bete 2014. Gimmie them frills!

Brianna: Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon) including her glaive, Aurora from Once Upon a Time or Red Queen from OUaT in Wonderland (hi I’m Bri and I can’t make decisions). WAIT, no, CHER.

Why’d you choose to dress-up as Envy Adams?

L-R: Brianna as Knives, Tori as Ramona and Kayla as Envy Adams.
L-R: Brianna as Knives Chau, Tori as Ramona and Kayla as Envy Adams.

Kayla: I chose Envy because SPvTW (Scott Pilgrim  vs The World) is one of my favorite movies/comic book series, and eventually, I’d like to say I’ve done every character. I had the dress; in the comics she’s a brunette, I did the thing. In May, I chopped off 14 inches of hair, so I was planning on doing Ramona, but my hair grew out before I could put the costume together.

What ensemble group of characters, if any, would you like to dress-up as?

Kayla: Devil’s Carnival.  Also the Scooby Gang from BTVS (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Sarah: Once again, the list goes on! Gotham Rogues, Sailor Scouts, Eeveelutions, Zelda group, Disney Princesses ,but themed…

Julia:  I don’t usually do ensemble costumes for Halloween, but I would love to do Firefly or Repo!.

Carly: I’m excited to do a Repo! group costume with Julia and Kayla and a few others…eventually.

Deanna: I want to dress up as the Pretty Little Liars. That would be the best group costume ever.

Dalin: I’d love to be part of a giant Cardcaptor Sakura group that represents every battle outfit of Sakura’s. Thats been a dream of mine since I was 8!

Brianna: Hah, entirely too many. Off the top of my head I’d love to be Alison Hendrix in an Orphan Black cosplay group, Sailor Saturn of the Sailor Senshi, or, and this is getting into an obscure book series, Sy’wen from The Banned and the Banished.


What about YOU, dear reader? Share your amazing costume pictures and ideas in the comment  section below! And have a safe and happy Halloween!

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