FCKH8’s Little Princesses Who Pull no Punches

I remember when I saw the first FCKH8.com video, and thinking wow that’s really clever because it took the idea of Prop 8 and turned it into and anti-hate idea. I wasn’t aware that they had expanded their message against hate until I saw their new video. FCKH8 has now broadened their causes by approaching racial and gender inequality on top of their original cause of LBGT equality.

The video recently released by the site is one to get people to think about what gender inequality really means. This video is a bunch of very little girls saying a lot of not very nice words. They want you to know that they aren’t pretty, little, helpless, princesses, as is usually associated with girls. I’ve heard many people say that they don’t like it when girls swear because it somehow changes the way they see them. Speech being one of the main freedoms a person is born with should be the last thing someone tries to use to restrict someone based on gender. These girls go on to explain that there are much worse words that they could say than dropping the F-bomb. The words they use are pay inequality, rape & violence, and be pretty.


The part of the video that takes a turn is when they explain that one in five girls will be sexually assaulted and then count off, continuing to question the viewer, which one of these five girls will it be? They should not be victimized because of what they wear or how they act. They tell the viewer to start educating boys not to rape.

The video is taken over by some adults who let you know that the girls shouldn’t be silenced until society changes its views. They then bring a boy in to explain his side of the gender inequality view and how being told “acting like a girl” is degrading to women.
Yes, this video is part of an advertisement for a company that makes t-shirts, but the t-shirts are to support the fair treatment and inequality of women. The sale of these shirts covers the cost of making the t-shirts, and then donates the rest to charities that are striving to create equal rights for women. Ask yourself this, who wouldn’t want a shirt that said “Girls just want to have fun-damental rights” or “This is what a feminist looks like”?
This video of little girls telling it like it is, is straightforward and hopefully will catch people off guard. If people don’t understand the need for feminism, maybe they should watch this video. People need to understand that the battle for feminism doesn’t just effect women in the workforce or teenage girls at parties but it effects every person who identifies as a female from the day they are born until they day they die.

Go to FCKH8.com to watch the video.



4 thoughts on “FCKH8’s Little Princesses Who Pull no Punches

  1. I thought this video was good and funny but not perfect. However, FCKH8 gets a dishonorable mention for asexuality and pansexuality erasure and phobia.

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