A Lucky Rat Tail! Hopes for the (Possible) “Hocus Pocus” Sequel

Sometimes when you’re daydreaming, one can come up with some crazy ideas. Usually, I tend to think of sequels to movies that might not ever happen…. and yet, the greatest thing occurred: One of those just might come true. If you hadn’t heard by now, Tina Fey is (rumored) to be producing a Hocus Pocus sequel.


Though Deadline confirmed otherwise, I have a feeling with Disney’s Comic Con panel coming up this year, and their usual track record of denying rumors till they can actually “announce them”, a continuation of the cult Halloween film still has a possibility of actually coming true. So, without further ado, here are my hopes and fangirl fantasies for another adventure with the Sanderson Sisters.

5) Bring Back The Original Cast

One of the greatest parts of the original Hocus Pocus was the truly perfect casting of each and every character. From Thora Birch as Dani, to Bette, Sarah and Kathy as the witches, everyone was a class act of comedic, kid friendly gold.

If the sequel really wants to be even close to the original, bringing back everyone from the first movie is essential. They don’t even have to be the major characters, just cameos would be plenty. But it won’t be Hocus Pocus if they don’t have Bette Milder or Doug Jones. By god, if Doug Jones (Billy Butcherson) isn’t even in the background, I will cry. Seriously, I will shed all those nerdy tears.

4) Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Need To Be Witches


Even if Tina Fey isn’t producing, she and Amy Poehler need, and I repeat, NEED to be in this movie. This is the humor they were meant for, and seeing them in hilarious witch make-up is one of my bucket-list wishes. I can just imagine them having a duet with Bette Milder on another spooky fun cover of a 40’s/50’s tune, like “I Put A Spell On You” from the original. Or them flying on household appliances to catch Max and his friends. It’s perfect.

Do they need to be Sanderson related? I say no. It actually would be awesome for them to be a rival witch group from their Salem past, who a different group of kids brings back from the dead. Or maybe they’re witches from even a different location. The possibilities of comedic brilliance are endless.

3) Please Give Some Respect to Jason Marsden


Being a true 90’s girl, one of the memorable voices from my youth was Jason Marsden’s. He was the voice of such characters as Haku from Spirited Away and Max from A Goofy Movie. But many people have no idea that Jason also happened to be the voice of arguably the coolest character from the whole movie, Binx (both human and cat form.) But even as cool and fantastic a performance as Jason gave, he didn’t get any credit for his work on the movie (probably not to break the fangirl fantasies that were had for live action Binx, Sean Murray.)

Now, since the majority of the internet knows who Jason is, I would love for him to either return as Binx in a cameo or have him be a side-kick again. Maybe there could be a curse on Binx’s soul, traveling to another body, and letting Jason actually get to play the character on screen. Black cat or not, we want Jason in this!

2) Let’s Not Bring Up Virginity Again…. 


Though Hocus Pocus is aimed at kids, there was one little aspect I found so bizarre later on in my adult life, that makes it the one true flaw of the movie: Why’d we need to be reminded that Max is a virgin? I’m not a prude by any means, and I do believe that it’s good to slowly bring adult elements to kids attention as they grow older. But when a movie made by Disney makes virginity a plot point, even I end up feeling the tiniest bit uncomfortable, especially knowing that Dani knows what it means. (#awkward)

Of course, Disney films have dealt with sex in a number of ways, but even cases like The Hunchback of Notre Dame use more vague terminology that the majority of little kids would just dismiss and relate it to something else. But in Hocus Pocus, they make a huge deal that what seems to be a 16 year old kid is “still a virgin”, and that it should be considered a punishment for him being so.

I would love for the sequel to neglect that aspect, and if a certain type of child has to light the candle to bring back the witches, let it be that they are just “innocent” or “never been loved”, something that sets it apart from the original. Virginity as a flaw of a protagonist is such an old trope at this point, I feel like in 2014, we could come up with something more creative that kids could better connect to.

1) I Want A Girl Hero


As much as Dani and Allison were great characters, they weren’t exactly the center of attention like Max was in the story. He was the hero, with a large part of his “climatic journey” being him accepting that he needs to be a good older brother and that it isn’t so bad to be a virgin (and to admit that to your crush.) Though none of this is a real issue by any means, I would love to see the sequel advance with having a girl as the solo hero.

Sure, there can be boys in it, but wouldn’t it be great to see maybe Max’s daughter or maybe Dani becoming a teacher and one of her female students be the main protagonist? It could invoke even more of a girl power vibe than the previous movie had going for it, and give little girls (and ones at heart) a new hero to route for. Come on writers, I know you can do it!

So those are my hopes for the forthcoming (let’s hope) Hocus Pocus sequel. Do you agree? Does this all sound like “Amuck”? What are some of your dreams for the Sanderson Sisters? Comment below!


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