Disney hires “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” Director for “Beauty and the Beast” Movie


Given Maleficent‘s popularity (for which my review on it goes up tomorrow) and the curiousity about their new Cinderella film, Disney is gearing up more animation to live action fairy tale adaptations. This time around the Mouse House has chosen Beauty and the Beast to be the next film in this possible new “franchise” of flicks, which is ironic considering the screenwriter for Maleficent (Linda Wolvertine) also wrote the original script for Disney’s 1991 animated film of the “tale as old as time.” (Source)

And it seems Disney has all ready decided on who should helm the new the project. Could it be someone cool like Guillermo del Toro? Or maybe even it could be Rob Marshall’s next gig after Into The Woods? Sadly the answer is no. Instead the directing chair has been handed to Bill Condon, also known as that guy that directed Twilight: Breaking Dawn Parts 1 & 2. Insert my excitement here….

Wait, where is it? (Spoiler alert: I have none.)


Now listen, I’m not saying Bill Condon couldn’t do a good job as the director here. Since Disney is clearly aiming themselves at the teen/tween demographic with these “re-imaginings”, he’s by default a go-to choice. Also, by most standards the current tween demographic would connect Twilight‘s story with Beauty and the Beast due to Bella’s (get it… Belle…. Bella… #smh) relationships to Jacob and Edward (get it, they’re Beasts!)

But all jokes aside, it’s sad that Disney has come to make such safe and obvious directing choice, when Kathleen Kennedy over as LucasFilm (under the Disney umbrella) is making such interesting decisions with the various Star Wars spin-off announcements. Sure, Condon also directed Dreamgirls and Gods and Monsters, but while most people would a consider those positives on his mark, all that says to me is “he can film people whining well.”

Also, considering a huge portion of what made the Twilight films popular in the first place (the hot boys), I have a deep scary feeling our Beast is gonna look pretty tame in this version.


Maybe it’s just because I am very picky when it comes to adaptations of my favorite fairy tale, or that I’m still sad the Christopher Gan’s La Belle et la Bete will probably never see a proper stateside release, but this news leaves me lukewarm at best. Here’s to hoping they make some decent casting choices (Michael Fassbender as The Beast? Lesley Nicol from Downton Abbey as Mrs. Potts? Oh the possibilities!)

Are you excited for Disney’s new live action Beauty and the Beast? Do you think Bill Condon is a good directing choice? Are there even still Team Jacob or Team Edward t-shirts? Comment below. 

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