New Summer Shows: Promo Round-Up

Somehow I managed to be oblivious to most of the new shows that were premiering this summer – I blame the haze of packing and graduating and traveling. But hey, now I have a BA! So for this week’s post I did a round of new shows that have just premiered or will be premiering sometime this summer that I think sound intriguing, or might be of interest to my fellow Geekettes. Lots of promos below!

Penny Dreadful (Showtime, Sunday, May 11 at 10pm)

One of our other writers already wrote a review of the first episode, which you can check out here. I’ve been told by several friends to watch this, but similarly to American Horror Story, I’m a little nervous about starting it unless by the bright light of day. I think I might get spooked a little too easily otherwise. But the trailer does look good!


The Wil Wheaton Project (Syfy, Tuesday, May 27 at 10pm)

A weekly roundup of all things pop culture with a little twist of Wil Wheaton thrown in. Sounds like fun to me! I will probably be checking out the first episode after I finish writing this post.


Crossbones (NBC, Friday, May 30 at 10pm)

John Malkovich stara as Blackbeard in a new action-adventure series! Overall this looks like a pretty awesome show because pirates. The one thing I’m concerned about, which they probably can’t do much with because of vague claims to historical accuracy, is that there only seem to be two female characters in the whole show. When is someone going to make a show about Anne Bonny and Mary Read, am I right?


Halt and Catch Fire (AMC, Sunday, June 1 at 10pm)

1980s, computers, and Lee Pace. I really don’t know much about this, but it looks exciting (now that I’ve seen the promos a half a million times while catching up on Mad Men). I also figure the computer science Geekettes might find it interesting (maybe not? Like I said, all I know is basically those three things).


Dominion (Syfy, Thursday, June 19 at 9pm)

Based on the movie Legion, all I really know about this is that Anthony Stewart Head (Giles!) is in it, and there are angels fighting. The scary thing is that’s actually enough to convince me to at least watch the first episode or two. Who’s going to watch with me?


The Leftovers (HBO, Sunday, June 29 at 10pm)

I’ve been seeing a lot of trailers for this recently while watching things on my HBO Go iPad app, and while at first I found them annoying, now I’m a little more curious. Do I think it looks good? Not necessarily. But I think it has potential, even if it might not be my kind of show. Feel free to check it out and let me know your thoughts! I haven’t decided yet whether I will be tuning in for the first episode.


Extant (CBS, Wednesday, July 9 at 9pm)

Halle Berry stars in this new show about an astronaut who comes back from a solo mission of 13 months, pregnant. Also she and her husband have some sort of creepy robot son. I’m in!


The Strain (FX, Sunday, July 13 at 10pm)

As any of you who have checked out my bio will know, I wrote my senior thesis on vampires, and my love of and curiosity about different kinds of vampire stories goes at least as far back as middle school. So when I see something described as “Guillermo del Toro does vampires,” I’m going to get excited, even if some of the promos look a little gross. Again, probably not a show I want to watch without the comfort of the bright light of day.


The Quest (ABC, Thursday, July 31 at 8pm)

From the producers of The Amazing Race, one of the only reality shows I can actually stand to watch, and one of the producers of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, comes a new reality show. It looks absurd, but also potentially really funny.


Outlander (Starz, Saturday, August 9 at 9pm)

Based on some books series I’ve never heard of, this seems to be the story of some woman who gets mysteriously sent back to the past – and is stuck there. There is also a shirtless Scotsman. Depending on how much it focuses on the romance, this will probably not end up being very feminist, but I shall remain hesitantly curious for the time being, since the premiere is still several months away.


So what shows are you excited for this summer? I know this list only included new shows, so all of my returning shows (like Orange Is the New Black!) weren’t included, but if that’s what you’re most excited about, let me know!

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