Melissa Reads: Harley Quinn

Since working at my salon, I have found myself in need of reading material for downtime. My first choice?  Comic books…the natural choice. We start off this comic book journey with an obvious choice if you know me personally: Harley Quinn.  I cosplay as her, so I’m naturally hyper critical of anything she appears in.

Harley has gone through many costume changes through the course of her twenty-two years in existence. Frankly, I’ve hated most of them. When DC Comics announced they were revamping their universe, including costume changes, I was scared. In other media forms of Harley, like Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Injustice, her costume was drastically changed from the beloved jester suit. The comics, however, kept her the way I knew her.


Cue heart attack from this cosplayer when the first images showed up. I originally refused to read Suicide Squad for the simple fact of how they changed her look. Keep the hair, bring back some form of the old costume! That was until I heard about her own book. Just my Harley and no one else. Yes, the controversy around the contest aggravated me to no end, but I still decided to give it a go.

Issue 0 is a clever introduction written by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmotti that breaks the fourth wall. She interacts with the writers and some special guest artists. I couldn’t stop laughing through this book. Issues 1 through 5 are following Harley as she deals with life on her own, inheriting a place on Coney Island, and fends off the several thousand people that are out to kill her for the bounty. Issue 3 brings us an appearance from everyone’s favorite plant lover, Poison Ivy.


I don’t want to give away too much about the content, but this series is amazing. I eagerly wait for the next month when the next issue is released. Harley’s characterization is spot on from her original back in 1992. Her costume is less skanky than other versions of her, and it actually makes sense for her. She doesn’t stay in that one costume we always see. She has wardrobe changes!

I could fangirl about this series for a long time just on the life choices they have made for Harley alone.  They’ve treated her with great love and care, giving her a life of her own and letting her use her brain. And the costume. Did I mention the costume? It is AWESOME!! For these reasons, and so many more, I definitely recommend Harley Quinn to all humans and other life forms.



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