Girl Meets World: The Next Generation of Matthews

Disney Channel/Bob D'Amico
Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico

Since late 2012, I’ve been eagerly gobbling up every bit of information I can find about a certain spin-off that’s about to debut on the Disney Channel this summer. That is, of course, Girl Meets World, the anticipated follow-up to Boy Meets World which ran from 1993 to 2000.

The original series was a school-based comedy that cleverly balanced quirky characters with life-lesson plotlines. It eventually expanded to follow characters like Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence through high school and college. It was, in essence, a show you could grow up with.

Girl Meets World seems to be getting back to those original roots. Topanga and Cory, whose marriage was one of the milestones of the original series, are now happily settled in New York City and balancing their careers with their three two kids. Rowan Blanchard plays the titular ‘girl’ Riley Matthews, the oldest of two Matthews children. Meet her and her best friend Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter) in the trailer below.

Riley and Maya seem precocious seventh graders, much like Cory and Shawn were in their heyday.  Originally the next generation of Matthews was to feature three offspring for Topanga and Cory, but Disney made some creative changes and scrapped the already-filled role of Elliot, Riley’s older brother this past January.

What you can expect from Girl Meets World is 21 episodes of Riley and Maya navigating seventh grade, while Cory looms nearby as both Riley’s father and her history teacher. Disney has its cast playing things pretty close to the vest, but Riley’s cousins will feature prominently in the main cast, suggesting possible cameos by Cory’s siblings (Morgan? Eric? That little one who was a toddler in the finale whose name I’m forgettingBLESSYOUGOOGLE Joshua?) And familiar faces from the original series will definitely feature in the pilot and a special holiday episode to air later this year.

….Okay I was going to err on cautionary side of spoilers for you guys, but DAMNIT I JUST CAN’T HOLD THIS IN. FUN FACTS AHEAD, ALL!

"Just came by for a cameo - I mean, to check on my little Farkle-kins..."
“Just came by for a cameo – I mean, to check on my little Farkle-kins…”

In case you don’t recognize that suave fella in the blue blazer, that’s Lee Norris returning to play Stuart Minkus. That’s right, the epitomical nerd who lost valedictorian to Topanga by having only 699 A grades will appear in an episode. I already have pity for his son, the unfortunately-named Farkle who is friends with Riley but a nemesis to Maya. You can see him in the yellow turtleneck at the top photo of this article.

SOUND THE FEENY CALL!  THIS IS NOT A DRILL! William Daniels will be returning to our screens as Mr. Feeny for the pilot, while Shawn Hunter plus Alan and Amy Matthews (William Russ and Betsey Randle), best parents of the ’90s, pop by Thanksgiving!

Shawn Hunter and Cory’s parents Alan and Amy join Thanksgiving dinner! Source

The production company behind Girl Meets World has gone on record saying  (and I’m paraphrasing here) that ‘Anyone from the original series is welcome to return, and those who don’t want to won’t be forced to’. Which explains why the status of Will Friedle’s Eric Matthews is still currently up in the air.

And in loosely-related awesomeness, here’s a Boy Meets World slam poem done by Samuel L. Jackson. Perhaps it’ll tide you over until the Girl Meets World premiere.

Are you excited for Girl Meets World? Comment below with your thoughts and favorite moments from the original!

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